Thursday, 27 July 2017

It's obviously a New Plant Week

We had to go into town today to go to the Bank, and I parked in Lidl.  Every Thursday they have their fresh offer stock in (we normally miss out on that as rarely go in until early the following week).  Anyway, I just couldn't resist this gorgeous White Hydrangea - they were only £5.99 so I imagine they will soon sell most of those.  I haven't decided where it will go yet.

The two tabbies, Ghengis (pathway) and Theo (wall), waiting for me to rattle a tin and announce teatime.

Above and below: the garden goes into overdrive in mid summer and is distinctly feral!  Still, the bees and other insects are happy, so I allow wild flowers into the mixture too - tall Codlins and Cream (Greater Willowherb) and Purple Loosestrife.  Gosh, even the pond is overgrown!!

Miffy-cat, who is mum to Little Whale and Alfie (who were elsewhere when I have the camera out), and to the late Tippy, who was poisoned when he was only a couple of years old.

Yesterday saw me wielding a paintbrush again, this time down in what was mum's kitchen.  It is a slow job cutting in around the half timbered squares.  The colour is a sort of ivory white.  It was  more of a cream before.

Finally, the new cast iron casserole was christened with a chicken and vegetable curry, and yes, those are bits of Courgette in there - it's that time of year!

I shall be heading to bed early tonight, as I've not been feeling my best the past couple of days and have slept very badly.  I have rested this afternoon, after having to go back to bed at lunchtime for a snooze.  Hopefully it will have worn off by tomorrow.


  1. Your garden looks quite magical. I hadn't realised codlins and cream was another name for willowherb, one of the prettiest 'weeds' in my opinion. You are so actively busy it is no wonder your body demands a rest from time to time.

  2. I like to keep active Sarah - it stops everything seizing up! Mind you, I did give myself the afternoon off today as I felt rubbish.

  3. Ghengis looks a little put out by all the waiting. The garden is gorgeous ♥️

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  5. Xurry looks good. Now that I am living alone I find it easier to eat out with a friend (sea food platter today) but shall soon begin to cook again when I finally move. Courgette season will be over by then I fear.

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  7. The garden looks beautiful, and the cats very whimiscal. Do rest, you have been very active the last few weeks.

  8. One of this years failures are my aubergine plants. .... It's the only one growing, other flowers didn't set .... It's obviously a New Plant Week.

  9. Are you getting a run of spam comments? I've not had much problem with that previously, but several on my last two posts--the 'unknown' resembles one I received.
    Ghengis appears to have a 'tweedy' coat similar to our Willis--but Ghengis is more portly.
    That's rather a lot of fiddly cutting in around the timbers--not at all like 'drawing' the brush along in a straight line1

  10. Your garden is beautiful!!


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