Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Catching up

We had to meet up with someone in Hay-on-Wye last Saturday.  Here is the Cheese Market with a colourful display of baskets, and some really delicious baked goods inside too - artisan bread as well as "buns".  The castle never changes . . .

I was fortunate to find this Fruit Press (something I have wanted for a while) for just £5, brand new, in the Oxfam sale in the Buttermarket.

It needed to be fastened to a wooden base, and so Keith went through his woodpile and found this spalled plank to use - just the right size.

Below: some reading matter.  I've now read the first two, and am thoroughly enjoying the Peter May novel.  He writes SO well.  Back later - I have to take something to the post and take some photos of the next round of "stuff" to clear on Ebay.


  1. What a Bargain Press, fruit and even cheese too maybe?
    Cider or wine?

  2. I hadn't thought of cheese, I have to say - great idea Sue. Cider certainly, though it would be the cottage one-variety-apple cider as I've no access to proper cider apples.

  3. That Peter May book looks good... The photos are very pretty of the wild flowers, grown some musk mallow for the garden, it looks very pretty.

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