Wednesday 27 September 2017

Butterflies and Part 1 Berkeley Castle

I will add some words to this tomorrow - too tired tonight, and in the middle of baking a cake so I had best go back down to that (AND the washing up!)


  1. My husband and I met in Berkeley, California so we doubly loved visiting Berkeley Castle. We saw a man in a sports car driving up to it and were told that was the son of the family, and that it is the castle in England that has been lived in the longest by the original family. I did not fact check that. I love butterflies too.

  2. Hi Terra. I think I recall that this is the castle which has been lived in the longest by its original family. I'll check in the guidebook tomorrow. Fancy you meeting your husband in Berkeley California! No wonder you loved visiting the castle.

  3. Love the butterflies -look forward to hearing more about the castle - looks exceedingly interesting :)