Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Tomorrow's new post will be Berkeley Castle

Today after going to Wotton briefly, and having lunch there, we drove on to nearby Berkeley Castle.  Keith has been wanting to visit it for several years now, but normally when we go to the auction, although we are in the area, we are away too late in the afternoon to go.  We went into the Butterfly House first, and there were lots of different types, including this huge one called The Owl.  Lots of these.  They seemed to be concentrating on eating the fruit at the feeding station, but literally I walked through the curtain and this one made a beeline for me and landed on my hand.  He stayed quite a while too.  More photos tomorrow, along with the first of the castle ones.


  1. Oh wow, I love The Owl! I'm looking forward to the next post!

    1. Busy, busy, busy at the moment Chip, but will try to get back on here after my patchwork class.

  2. That is so neat!!! Butterfly habitats are so wonderful to visit. There is one about half an hour from me. Expensive to visit, but worth it once in awhile.

  3. Hi Flower Lady. It seems such a shame when they hoik up the prices to go and see butterflies. This was included in the price of the entrance ticket. There is a butterfly house at the National Botanic Gardens where we are standing at the Antiques Fair in a fortnight, so I shall make a point of having a wander round it when it is quiet.