Saturday 30 December 2017

Dryslwyn Castle part II

The view down the Towy Valley towards Carmarthen.  In a flood, just about everything green and flat goes underwater . . .

This is the view looking South across the valley.  It would have been quite some castle before it became ruinous. There is the remains of a Medieval village on the opposite side of this hill - just lumps and bumps beneath the grass to show where the cottages were now though.

This at least gives you a better idea of the layout of the original castle.

I  loved the way the contrail-like clouds look like a peacock's tail above this jutting piece of wall.

There was an enormous BANG just as it was getting dusk, and then a multitude of duck and geese voices raised in protest (they had obviously been grazing on some farmer's fields and he could see his grazing disappearing fast and got his shot-gun out).  Hundreds of what I think were probably Canada Geese flew into the sky and wheeled about over the valley.

We were lucky enough to manage a few photos.

Right, this won't do.  I have completely indulged myself on t'internet for the past couple of hours so time to go and make some soup now.  I have several bags of cheap veg still to use up.


  1. What an interesting and atmospheric castle - super photos and i also love the pictures of the geese in flight.

  2. It's a lovely castle, and the views are amazing (though better on a clear day when it's not past sunset!) The geese were wonderful and I have a hankering for a Wetland Walk now.

    I made soup - I chucked soup. Stupid woman - I left some remaindered sprouts in it and they ruined the soup completely . . .

  3. I've flushed several hundred geese at a nature reserve, I felt like aplogising!

    1. Oh dear. I hope you weren't in the company of a horde of twitchers at the time!

  4. Love Castles haven;t been to that one,and all that water standing - definitely Wet Wales at the moment
    Gorgeous Geese photos, I think they are real pests in some places

  5. We certainly have our fair share of castles around here, and there aren't many in the southern half of Wales we've not visited down the years. Yup, wet here but that's par for the course. A friend in Orkney says the numbers of geese up there are a real threat to grazing land.