Friday 1 September 2023

Lime Green

 Here's the other poem I found.


The trees on the hillfort lean away from the gale

Like greyhounds escaping from the leash.

Their leaves combed from the whipping branches

By a callous hand.  Strewn in tousled heaps,

They fetch up against the hedge-roots,

Jittering like nervous lovers, then forcing themselves

Through bare branches like water through a colander.

Gleaming puddles lie on the sullen ploughed fields,

Their surface ruffled by the wind into irritated shivers,

Reflecting the lemon lollipops of the last hazel leaves

Which prance in the stripped hedgerows.

A gleam of lime green on Merlin's Hill  

Is wiped out by a fist of clouds, which

Scud along the valley and as I look behind me, others

Drag their tattered petticoats across Black Mountain and beyond.

Right - all packed, the first car load anyway.  I'll take some furniture in the morning (chairs and a couple of small tables).  The last thing to go at the back of the carload was Keith's wheelchair.  Tam will bring him down this afternoon to have a look around. We'll go round together, and then I'll set up, but have to stay there until 7 p.m. tonight, which is when they shut and lock the back sheds where I am.


  1. Another beautiful poem so evocative and capturing the scene perfectly. You really do have a talent for poetry indeed. All the best now for the weekend.

  2. 'A gleam of lime green on Merlin's Hill' ... now that's a magical line for sure. I hope the day goes well for you. xx

  3. Another lovely poem. I can picture the trees along the hilltop and countryside. I hope the fair is a success. (It looks like Pippi was recharging for more antics!)

  4. Thank you for the poem. I've just caught up on your recent blogs and sad to hear that Keith's health is not good. I will just reiterate that I really enjoy reading your words. The tales of plants, fairs (I bought all my Carltonware at fairs - now somewhere in the attic and hasn't been looked at for years!), everyday life and those naughty kit kats. Sending you positive energy that you can get through it all. Please make some time for yourself difficult though it might be.

  5. Beautiful poem, so lyrical and evocative. Transforms this hot sunny beach day into and autumn day in Wales. Thank you for sharing and for allowing me to save in my journal. You have such a way with words. "fists of clouds" 'irritated shivers''

  6. Beautiful poem, as was the previous one. Thank you for sharing your talent with us!

  7. Life is turning hard for you Jennie but you have always had strength. Give up on the fairs, it is exhausting and Keith's illness is taking it out of you. I am not even surprised you are writing poetry, you have always had a way with words - they are probably your salvation ;) X

  8. Both poems are really beautiful and set the scene so well. There are some really evocative phrases in there. I hope all goes well at the Fair and glad you have help with family staying.

  9. I love the picture your words paint. I hope you're having a good weekend. Thelma makes a very good point.