Tuesday 26 September 2023

Yuk day and I hate technology

 I didn't want to get up today.  I had no energy, but I could hear Keith moving about. I kept losing words when I was talking to two ladies in the local history group in town (I felt so stupid) and I haven't improved with keeping and would happily go to bed now, just before 7 p.m. but of course I can't.  I lost two hours of my life today trying to sort out tv and wi-fi connection after Ghengis yet again knocked the main remote on the floor by taking a short cut to the sofa across Keith's table.  WHY he can't just jump up on the sofa is beyond me!

When we FINALLY got it sorted (after I had phoned our broadband supplier, typed in the router number several times with all its upper and lower case and numbers - GRRR - reset the router to factory reset etc) there was no Netflix and it wanted me to take out another subscription - I was gnashing my teefs until I realized we had it through Sky, who had offered it cheaper than Netflix do.  No wonder I didn't have a password in my little red book . . .

Pippi has been bringing in tiny voles (3) and then got me very cross when she bought in a butterfly (there were lots in the garden today) and then a 2nd and when I found a 3rd under the settle I shut her in for an hour or so.  I can't forgive her for taking their power of flight away by batting them about.  I've saved two bumble bees this week but it doesn't balance out those beautiful butterflies.

I guess something had to balance out the nice afternoon I had yesterday when I went to the first auction I'd been to since Lockdown - not that it was full of classy stuff and as I thought, anything decent didn't go cheaply.  The things I liked were towards the end too and I wasn't hanging around for hours (it didn't start till 3.30 p.m.) and driving home in the dark.  So I bid unsuccessfully on two items and went back into Pembridge to go round the church.  I shall leave you with a photo of the amazing bell tower - I have never seen its like.  Built in the early 13th C using HUGE trees, it was later enclosed.  I'll do a proper post later in the week, when hopefully I am more with it.

This is one of 12 lovely embroideries inside the church and shows the construction of the bell tower.  I love the idea of a Cowslip Fair too.


  1. I hate technology too, if I'm stuck daughter normally sorts out in a minute. You must be so tired and its catching up on you, I wish I could help but send virtual hugs. We did the school run today and I always cook the tea at Natalie's, we were having pasta tonight so got out 4 pasta bowls, put on the worktop, turned round to lay the table, turned back to find Eccles, girl kitten curled up in one of them looking very pleased with herself. Needless to say they all got washed, Take care of yourself. Hugs Gill Xx

  2. I think it is the catching of innocent creatures that puts me off having a cat. Pippi must be very quick to catch three butterflies in an afternoon. It has been a lovely day here and we’ve been on a long picnic cycle ride (23km apparently!) and then I set to and planted out leeks in the veg garden after my big clear out on Saturday. We’re off to the solicitor in Chichester first thing tomorrow to sign our Lasting Powers of Attorney. I feel so much better for getting this organised and on Monday my young grass cutter came for the first time and did a fantastic job which was another big tick on the to do list. I’ve been browsing Peter Nyssen for tulips this evening - so much choice - but now it’s time for bath and bed. I’m reading Adam Bede by George Eliot. We’re in 1799 and I love her descriptions of people and places. Sarah x

  3. I hate passwords and PINs. It was bad enough in the good old days of a straightforward password, but now the days of eight characters, one upper case, one number and one symbol are upon us I have lost the will. As for resetting with an email and text, and confirmation, just bring on the nervous breakdown! Having Parkinson's means hitting the right keys the correct number of times is a challenge I often fail.

  4. Sometimes I can get things working correctly, but other times I have to wait for our youngest son to come home and fix things for me. There are a couple of television things he will need to fix this time around. Drat.

    What an awesome bell tower.

    God bless.

  5. Son and DiL's cat has taken a fancy to huge Hawk Moths - sad but amazing just how big they are.
    What a Bell Tower that is - and interesting history
    Hope today is better

  6. I frequently remind myself [out loud!] its a good thing we love our cats! 'Someone' --I suspect either Shelby or Rosie, is determined to excavate the pink-flowered geranium on the screened porch. I swept up potting soil and resettled it yesterday, have now taken it out to the greenhouse, added more soil and poked pot shards, small stones and a hedge of plastic cutlery around the plant.
    I found a dead female goldfinch below the south wall last week which may be why the usual goldfinch flock have deserted us without enjoying more of the coneflower and sunflower seeds.

  7. And they were only saying on the radio this morning that one in six species will become extinct, could Pippa be one of the first to make this happen? Having a little red book, or green in my case for passwords is the only way round it. What worries me is the way banks shut you off your accounts and the long and perilous journey you have to make to get access back again.

  8. I hate, hate, hate those bloody passwords that are a mix of letters, numbers, upper and lower case they take forever and always seem to need inputting over and over all done with a little arrow to pick them out. Alan keeps out of my way while I sort it all out ... sensible man. He's worse with televisions, Freeview boxes and DVD players than I am so it's usually left to me.

    That bell tower is truly amazing, both outside and in.

  9. I write all our passwords down in a little book, but somehow something always seems to come up that I don't have writ down.😒