Tuesday 14 November 2023

Big Girls' Knickers Day


Sisterly cuddles when it's wet and miserable outside.

The trees in our copse are dropping their leaves - there was a lovely light here when I took these but it didn't show well in the photos.

This is a strange rusty-coloured sport from the deep reddy Nasturtium I planted in the spring.  I will save seed from it and see what colours I get next year.  It has spread along the bottom of the house for about 6 feet so far.

The new big planter and Gypsy Boy rose happily planted in it.  I've since popped in a dark blue/purple Violet to keep it company over the winter.

Lulu: "here's one Pippi caught earlier . . ."

Looking over the fence towards the woodland to the South-East of us.

Well, this has been Solicitor day so I've had to don my Big Girls' Knickers (actually slightly smaller BGK's as the 6 lb I lost has stayed off).  Gabby came up as joint attorney. He talked us through the LPA's in regard of Keith's future care and financial decisions and is a lovely chap - really knows his stuff AND he likes cats!  I went straight down to the GP's surgery with a letter requesting K's Dr write to the Solicitors confirming that he is still of sound mind regarding the LPA's.  So that and our revised Wills are with the Solicitors.   Next thing, the Bill!

Tomorrow should be Start Putting Up the Greenhouse day.  He's not phoned, but he is a very organized man and I expect him here first thing.  That is something nice to look forward to anyway, as since Keith's health has started to deteriorate, there has been precious little to look forward to, and as an Aries, we need these little pleasures in life to keep us going.  Keith has even less of course, being virtually housebound now, but he was always happy to be a home bird, as long as he could potter around in his workshop.  Sadly, that ceased almost the moment we arrived here.  

Still having to rest a good bit of the day, but hoping there will be an improvement soon.  Tam said she was the same when she had Covid, but she had the luxury of being able to rest up in bed all day long.  

I wonder how soon there will be a volcanic eruption in Iceland?  I hope everyone has been moved to safety.  Debbie, I imagine you will be watching the news, having lived there.


  1. Those darling cats! An interesting nasturtium. Mine were slow to take off in the spring and [of course] began seriously blooming just ahead of first frost.
    Those big pots weigh a ton even before filling with dirt. I hoiked one from the sunroom to the greenhouse to rehome a beefsteak begonia.
    I was trying to recall when Keith began to lose the stamina to accomplish his woodworking and was thinking his decline did begin not long after your move. We know aging will bring diminishment, still the how and when takes us by surprise.
    Hoping to see the greenhouse set up and ready for you--even the smallest and crudest one is a pleasant escape!

    1. They cheer us up on worrysome days and defuse situations where Keith and I have words - and we NEVER used to argue. I mean, how can you stay cross when Pippi-kitten leaps on your back and yowls in your ear!

      Keith's decline set in when he was put on the high-dose steroids which seemed to accelerate the unknown-to-us-then Parkinsons. They also gave him muscle wastage.

      No start on the greenhouse yet . . .

  2. I too am bracing myself for the solicitor's bill, having set up LPAS for myself. and a new will. not the most pleasant of jobs, but they have to be done. I am watching Iceland with an eagle eye. I lived 20 minutes by car, or about 15 miles from Grindavik. I know the area quite well and it is surreal to see some of the images coming out looking like those B class movies, where the family gets split when the road divides, and they're on either side. I had a hospital appointment today and imagine my dismay to arrive at the hospital only to be told my consultant had gone to the wrong hospital. Fortunately, he was only 20 mins away so I did have my appointment. but late. You can't make these things up can you?

    1. We will do mine ourselves, but Keith's was needed more urgently. I imagine all the present scenes from Iceland are quite upsetting, seeing a familiar landscape morph into something from a B movie.

      I am glad you got to see your Consultanth , despite the delay.

  3. I adore your kitties. They are so friendly with each other. I am happy to read that things are getting accomplished with the lawyer (as we call them here across the pond) and you are happy with his input.

    God bless.

    1. They fall out very occasionally, but it's more a play-fight, a hangover from tiny kitten days.

      Our solicitor is a lovely chap and explained everything to us very clearly. The ones we saw down in the town were hopeless.

  4. Your comment about collecting nasturtium seeds to see what color you get next year...I would think it would be the same, but here's a strange thing. My sister gave me a begonia from a cutting of her plant. Nothing unusual about that. Pretty much everyone gets an angel wing begonia from her. The thing grows crazy fast. Anyways, I was sitting on her front porch and noticed that her begonias were a dark pink. When I commented on it, she said that she'd never seen any other color from the plant. Everyone she'd given clippings to had dark pink begonias. When I got home, I took a picture of mine. and texted it to her. It was white. Interestingly enough, mine is crazy too, so I passed along a clipping in a pot to my daughter. Hers went crazy too. It bloomed dark pink. Such a mystery.

    I can't wait to see your greenhouse going up.

    1. Well, if it can change colour this year, who's to know what we will get next\/ How odd you got the albino baby from the Begonias of your sister's plant.

  5. You have had to wear your BGP for a while now. I feel for Keith, I was knocked for six for a year and a half. Only had the strength to watch telly. By the end of it I couldn't even face turning the thing on. Does he read blogs? I only read five on a regular basis but they are so interesting and each one is different. Could he possibly write one? I imagine his hands shake but the occupational therapist might have some ideas. I hope the greenhouse is taking shape. I know it will be a happy place for you.