Monday 27 November 2023

Rant! Update and how to order a £2.50 digital birth or death certificate for Debbie

 It's 5.30 a.m.  I can't sleep.  I shall do some family history I think, and find out what g. granny Brown and her grand-daughter Rosina died from (the latter only 17).  Get right through to payments for the first death certificate and then for the heady sum of £2.50, all of a sudden I have to put the payment through my card reader.  This involves:  going upstairs to get card from handbag, plus mobile phone, finding said card reader, turning phone on and going upstairs to bedroom to get a signal, waiting about 5 minutes for said signal and the appropriate code and then putting that in so I can have the HUGE payment verified.  You know - I can't be bothered.  It can wait until daylight.  Update: with my brain engaged, I found I just had to find the card reader and put in the number they had supplied online.  Doh.  Found that my g.g. grandmother whose husband had up-sticks from London and taken them to the Welsh Valleys died from a) hemiplegia - brain damage/spinal cord injury - probably a stroke, and b) myocarditis - heart inflammation.  Her grandaughter, just 17, died from Acute Broncho-Pneumonia TB... She was taken ill when staying with the rest of the family in Hampshire, and went home to die.

        Debbie - GRO £2.50 birth or death certificates. Go to the GRO site, and - having checked the GRO Index Reference number from Free BMD or similar site, click on the  "start now."  I am registered with them so just have to log in.  Then a page comes up with various options - chose the Order a Digital Image and then follow the instructions.  Hope this helps

        I did 22 trips up and downstairs yesterday - is it any wonder my legs get tired?!  I'd just got to the bathroom yesterday for the loo and I heard a knock on the door.  Plans abandoned,  up and leg it to front door - it's a delivery van, looking for blardy Orchard Cottage again.  If that happens once, it happens a dozen times, or else they just dump their parcels here to avoid going up the dog-leg steep driveway.  Our postie uses the catflap or rings bell and pops parcel through the door.  Other parcel deliverers pretty considerate too.

        If I have to spend today waiting around for people to phone me back I shall not be pleased.   There's nothing worse - I can't be far from the phone because it only rings 6 times before going to answerphone.  If I'm upstairs I can't even hear it ring. 

        I am hoping it won't be too cold today so I can get back to planting my bulbs in pots and planters. I made a good start in October and then Covid struck and it's rained daily since!  Right, back to bed in the hope I can sleep but I'll have to set the alarm so I don't sleep on like I did on Sunday, as Keith can't be in bed too long or he can barely move at all.


  1. Card readers, don't get me started. I will no sooner have put it back in the cupboard and it has to be fetched again. Then to cap it all the Parkinson's often results in having to start over and again. Such fun. Not.
    I must find out where you pay only £2.50 a copy!

    1. Details up for you now. Hope you find the ones you need and answer some questions.

    2. Much appreciated thank you. I will now try to get past that stumbling block I mentioned.

  2. At the moment it is too cold to move around at night. Feed Mollie in the middle of the night which usually shuts her up. My banks don't do card readers, just the phone call with a number to verify it. But both have three hurdles before I can get to the money;).
    Parcels are a real nuisance, I have a pact with our P/O lady, she just puts them through the back door and then a notice on the front door, 'Knock Loudly' for the rest.

  3. Rants are good. They clear the air and perhaps make a person feel a bit better.

    God bless.

  4. We had ordered a smoker, which showed as being delivered. I called the company to say that we hadn't received it. She acted as if I were dishonest. She said, "I have a photograph of it. It is on your porch behind a wrought iron patio chair, against a gray foundation. Your house is white." I said, "Well, that's a problem, because our house is yellow and we have no porch with patio furniture." We did eventually track it down. It was over the fence behind our house on a different street!

  5. Ah, I was sat down here fully clothed and swathed in a heated blanket, so nice and warm. The itty cats of course demanded some breakfast early. . .

    Deliveries here - well, Orchard Cottage seem to have stuff delivered by other companies than the one I use.

  6. I know this will be hard to read but is it time to plan a move to house with a downstairs bedroom and bathroom? I feel I can say this because we are in the process of selling our beloved smallholding due to deteriorating health. In fact we should have done it a year ago when we were both much more capable because now it is overwhelming.

  7. Our landline was the same - 6 rings and then to answerphone like yours. However, it is possible to make it ring10 times - our son did ours, but not sure how. Maybe you could ask the operator. 4 extra rings has made a huge difference to us. We have been able to turn up the ring sound too, may be you can.

  8. I was happy to see your posts. That flower border, previous is so beautiful.

    I feel so bad for you. Not to ''poor me'' you but I don't know how you can keep this up. 21 trips up the stairs is torture. //My mother had a lot of pain, knee and hip, as she aged and she told me once how she forced herself to be more mindful--a trip up the stairs was planned, items gathered etc. I know you can't do that if your husband calls but things like remembering the phone and the reader, getting a wifi booster for downstairs---would little results help at all.

    much love and kind wishes