Wednesday 8 November 2023

Hitting a brick wall . . .

 . . . health-wise that is.  On Sunday, for just a few hours, I felt back to normal.  I didn't do much - Danny, Emma and "I" were here to help out, and I took them for their train later.  Monday I was back to exhausted again and needing to lie down on the sofa after getting Keith up, showered and dressed, and giving him his breakfast.  I worked out this morning why my legs always feel like chewed string though, because if I went up and downstairs once, I did it 10 or a dozen times.  11.30 and I've done 5,000 steps just around the house and taking out the compost, litter trays etc.

Landscape overlooking Tretower Court.

I had planned an hour's respite yesterday (first time off in over 3 weeks) - a trip to the Old Railway Line garden centre as they always have a brilliant display of Christmas decorations and temptations.  The main reason was I wanted to get my Christmas present from Keith - a large terracotta planter - needed early as I have my Bourbon rose Gypsy Boy still waiting to be planted.  I had a wander round and found that the planters I was interested in were half price.  Goody-goody, £45 for the huge one I wanted (50% off the original price of £89.99!) - and if you think THAT is expensive, they had some really gi-normous ones there for £499.99!!!

I was tempted by a lovely little (Christmas? really?) decoration of Peter Rabbit to hang from the tree.  No prices on any of the ones on display, so when I got to the counter and got her to scan it, surprise, surprise it was £9.99.  Most people would just buy it, but I said I didn't want it THAT much, they could have it back!  Other than the planter, I bought some more fleece to tuck my roses in pots up if we have more frosts like last year.  I have some bubble wrap I can call into use if it's really cold.  Tess of the D'Urbervilles survived after being cut back to nothing, but it will take that rose another year to recover.  Currently twiggy and about a foot high. 

No peace for the wicked though, as either side of my outing I had things to sort out.   Keith's repeat prescription was wrong again - two items missing.  I had phoned the Dr about his 50mg Levothyroxine as that was one of the missing items.  I was told that it had been on the Prescription.  Boots said it hadn't.  Sorting this all out took an hour of my time, as I had to go back to the Surgery and order this as we had run out.  This also meant going back to the surgery later, after 4.30 p.m. to collect it, then back down the town to Boots to get them to dispense it.  Another 1/2 hr plus.

When I got home from all that, I had to do the evening meal (Keith's was in the slow cooker and a jacket potato had gone into the oven earlier.)  I had planned to have a chicken curry, but my legs were saying they had to sit down, so I had Scampi and Chips from the freezer instead.

Then Keith wanted to go to the bathroom, and I still hadn't sat down apart from eating my meal.  My legs didn't want to do much in a vertical position.  I had just poured myself a cup of tea (the one I didn't have at 3 p.m. as I wasn't here) and only had a mouthful before we had to go upstairs again.  By the time I came down it was luke warm.  I poured myself another, sat down and had a mouthful, and then Keith called me up - he wanted to go to bed.  I finally got to sit down but had gone past the tea and found that Danny had left a little can of Hazy Jane IPA beer in the fridge, and oh my goodness, that hit the spot!  I watched a family history programme I'd recorded and fell into bed at 8.30, but tossed and turned as Keith was snoring loudly and I couldn't relax and was awake 3 hrs, so I'm a bit short of zzzzzz's again.  I have to say, last night I really did hit that brick wall of exhaustion.

Anyway, our friend M from across the river, obliged (when I texted him) with lifting the big planter from the car for me and it is now waiting for me to fill it with good compost and put my new rose in.  I will do that later if it stays dry.  I am going to rest first.  He cheered me up (not) by saying he had Covid when it first hit as the pandemic, and said even 3 years on, he's still not totally right.  I will settle for a bit more energy and a functioning left ear!

Hoping that you are all having an easy week.


  1. Hope you get a restful day today you mustn't wear yourself out . That's a lot of up and down stairs but I'm glad you got the big planter. £500 sounds a heck of a lot of money for a pot - however big it is!

  2. Do hope you have a better night. Does Keith qualify for carers coming in morning and night which might help you out. I had a rubbish night last night, as got into bed and the brain whirred into action, eventually dropped off but woke at 6am! That terracotta pot sounds a bargain to me. We took granddaughter to their local garden centre to see their Christmas displays, lovely but so expensive. And she has to see the Singing Penguins which we have taken her to see since she was a baby, I got out of there quite lightly only buying 2 jumpers for her Elves of the Shelf. Hugs Gill Xx

  3. You poor thing x I’ve mentioned before- the first time I had that virus it was months before I felt back to normal, not quite the six months it took to recover from pneumonia years before though, but long enough to be thoroughly fed up and frustrated. It’s hard managing a load when you are not 100%
    If you get chance, and if there is one, it’s worth going to talk with someone in an independent health/whole food type shop. That’s when I first started taking my local one seriously for want of a better word lol and they’ve stayed my first port of call for all manner of off colour and low energy moments ever since. Our bodies work really hard to fight off viruses and it leaves them struggling a bit afterwards. Slowly, slowly is all one can do. And cut any corners you can, not always easy. Can you get the chap who helps in the garden to give the roses a good mulch? That will help, if their ‘feet’ are a bit protected from the winter worst. Good to read D and family are moving in, it will spread the responsibility and I’m sure you will be able to escape a bit more than current. I will be delightful too, think of all the lovely story books you can sit with and read to her. I really miss reading to mine, I loved doing that when they were little. Lots of love Danette x

  4. You're a better man than I Gunga Din. The Peter Rabbit ornament would have been paid for and coming home with me quicker than you can say I love Beatrix Potter.
    What is it with pharmacies and surgeries these days? The levels of mistakes they are making with all. sorts of things is inexcusable 40 years ago, it would never have been like this. 20 years ago, even but not. But now it's like nobody takes any pride in their jobs or cares about anything as long as they get their paycheck at the end of the week.

  5. Jen I forgot to say - we use Pharmacy to You, it’s free and for repeats you simply scan the barcode on the box if it isn’t already on your drop down list. It then gets sent to your GP to authorise and sent back. All the while you are updated by emails. Then they post it out to you free of charge .
    Can’t recommend it highly enough xxx Danette