Monday 27 November 2023

Green Darkness

Part of the stunning borders at Powis Castle this summer.

 I first read this book when it was published back in the 1970s and have read it a couple of times since. When we were moving I hardened my heart and gave it with the boxes and boxes of books to the charity in Carmarthen who were still taking books.  It's written by Anya Seton and the review of it here may tempt you to seek out a copy, if historical timeslips are your thing.  It is a book I can lose myself in anyway, and right now, is about the best way to get respite without leaving the house.  

        I decided my blog was becoming a "poor me" moan, and of no interest to anyone, but unable to get out anywhere for weeks to have much "me time" it was inevitable, and everything has been grinding me down.  There have been further health problems et al and further challenges over the weekend, and I spent all morning on the phone, which I find wearing at the best of times.  Hoping the LPA problem has been solved but that requires an answer to a phone message I left this morning, so fingers crossed. 

        Keith and I were just watching the firework display on the Showground - it's the Welsh Winter Fair being held there and queues of traffic on the lane to go over the bridge across the Wye.  Fortunately I was able to go up the inside lane, and up the road past the Strand and Eco Chic AND get parked - a minor miracle.  I had to go out again this afternoon for another prescription for Keith, and not only was there a parking space, I managed to reverse into it.  If there is a long queue of traffic waiting for me to do so I tend to get flustered.

        I knew this was going to be a tiring day - I'd been up and downstairs 10 times before 10.30. Now that's got to 21 an the day's not over yet.  Hoping I will sleep well tonight.

        Sorry, not much to report.  Tam was here for just a couple of hours on Saturday morning, as she was meeting up with her best friend (who's settled in Sheffield now) at the Elan Valley.  The winter weather brought us a beautiful hoar frost and I went out for a walk and took photos in the afternoon, but the computer has filed them somewhere random again.  I couldn't face trying to sort it out today.  Gabby has been making phone calls on my behalf again too, so that lightens the load.

        I don't know how often I will get a post together but if I go quiet, don't worry, life has gotten in the way again.


  1. Having you check in to the blog lessons some of my concern for you--a few lines to let us know you're hanging in there is good. I suspect you can't know at this point what challenges each day will bring--more of the same or with a new one thrown in. This time of year in particular sometimes the only moments of respite are a quick turn around the garden.

  2. We'll know in a couple of days if there is to be any respite from one of the recent challenges. Things have been hard though, and today there was another mini-choke which had me panic-stricken. I dread meal times now.

  3. Don’t worry about being boring, it seems we’re all about the same age and go through similar times. Some times it helps to write things down and and a sympathetic, uncritical ear, even on the other side of the world can help. Best wishes.

  4. I'm relieved to hear you are coping - even hanging on by your fingernails seems miraculous, given the load you're bearing at the moment. I'm glad Gabby has been able to take some calls off your shoulders. Keith's choking must be so scary for both of you. We have a friend whose oesophagus was damaged by a steroid inhaler he had to use, and his choking was dreadful. on one occasion she had to drive him across town to the hospital as an ambulance wouldn't have got to them in time - speed limits were not observed! He's since had surgery which has helped, but he is on very restricted diet to prevent further crises. That book sounds interesting, I will look it out. Thinking of you both.

  5. Having you check in once in awhile is perfectly fine. Life does get in the way quite often. So sorry Keith had another mini choke. I hope all medical things get straightened out as far as is possible.

    God bless.

  6. I'm so sorry things are so hard there. Write when you want, as you please, with no worries of it seeming as moaning. We know you have way too much on your plate. Deep breaths.

  7. I don't think your blog had become a poor me blog at all. In fact, I think it does this good to put things down in writing. I also think that you were getting some sound advice from a lot of people on here. My experience with the Parkinson's nurses is, although they are the experts they're not always on the front line. Those of us who are dealing with Parkinson's on a day to day basis I think we've got more experience than they do. I don't mean to belittle them or understand. or undermine them and they do have a very valuable place in the course of managing the condition. Anyhow, it's good to see you back, even if. it's just going to be intermittent. That's all I can manage these days anyway. We do what we can. Just take care of yourself, my friend,