Monday 4 December 2023

I'm glad this afternoon is over


The kittens are well over a year old now and last week I got a card from the vet to say that they were due their booster jabs.  I booked them in for this afternoon but was dreading it, remembering a past occasion when a vet stabbed poor Pippi an inch deep and in agony she sank her teeth in my finger nearly to the bone.  Anyway, it was the nice cat-vet today and they were quickly and painlessly innoculated and weighed and even Lulu - who really didn't want to go in the cat basket and had to be dragged out - was OK when she realized no-one was going to chop her head off! Pippi didn't want to come out either, but was OK and neither of them felt the injection.  SO glad that is over and done with as I felt a horrid "mum" for getting them scared.  My anxiety levels are already high and weren't improved by this.  I need to have a Respite afternoon as I've only had one since we had Covid.  I will have to settle for a walk tomorrow.  

The weather is back to rain today, which is a relief.  Keith, the cats and I are glad to be warm indoors - three pussums are cwtched up beside me on the sofa - Lulu (who has only just discovered the upper levels of the sofa, though she still prefers the kitten hammock below it), Ghengis and Alfie.  They are all fast asleep.  

Keith has got a series called Brassic on and I have to say, it's making us both chuckle. Probably not to everyone's taste, but laughter is a positive thing.  

I'm finally getting on top of Christmas and sent some gifts off today and have ordered the last couple of gifts.  We're having a low-key Christmas this year - it's about family and having fun not huge piles of presents.  Four nearly-Christmas birthdays covered too, and I can't wait to see little "I" open her gifts.  Christmas will be staggered too with Danny & co here either a week before or a week later, but that means we get double the pleasure.


  1. I just want to cuddle those kittens. They are so stinking cute.

    Hope you get your walk tomorrow.

    God bless.

  2. Cats hold grudges for awhile over the things that must be done for their own good. The ones who've been to the vet come home with that 'taint' and must be sniffed over by those who have remained at home.
    We tackled the wound on Willis's tail this morning, a two person job. J. wearing gloves, held him down while I clipped away hair and dabbed on peroxide and antiseptic lotion.
    With nights drawing in early the indoor cats are becoming very chummy.

    1. They forgave me as soon as food was forthcoming! The others did indeed sniff them but they passed muster - obviously not too contaminated.

      Oh dear - Willis has obviously had a set-to with the visitor - abscesses are nasty things. I can remember Keith donning some big leather gloves to hold one of the big boys (Alfie?) down for similar treatment and he was gone like a rocket, thinking Keith a monster!

      Glad to be nearing the shortest day now and soon I will be looking for the first hints of Spring! Only in the way of Catkins and Snowdrops.

  3. Cosy! Christmas is so much nicer when you ditch the tree and Turkey and Christmas shopping! Then it is all about being with those you love, having a relaxing day with a lovely walk if the weather cooperates (it usually does) and enjoying a delicious roast dinner in the evening to which everyone contributes. Having a quick sit down after a morning of house cleaning (I got the urge so just went with it!) before we go into Petworth to watch a 3pm screening of the film Napoleon which excitingly was filmed in Petworth house and park with real horses in the battle scenes! Best of all we’ll be home by 6pm to enjoy a relaxing evening snuggling in front of the fire. Sarah x

  4. A puddle of cats is a comfortable thing! Brassic looked interesting, but unfortunately, here, it requires a paid subscription to watch. I imagine I'll be able to see it in a couple years.