Monday 26 February 2024

A very special family day

 We were celebrating Tam's pregnancy, and Gabby insisted she had a Baby Shower.  She opened the gifts from us here at the house (Gabby had bought on my behalf as that was easiest for me).  The baby clothes brought tears to my eyes and made the coming birth (around a month away) seem real for the first time.  I have been constantly distracted by caring for and worrying about Keith so it's all gone on over my shoulder, so to speak.

Then we met up for lunch in Rhayader.  Various friends and family.  The two respective grannies at the far end.  First grandchild for both of us.  She's sat next to Ellie, one of Tam's best friends from school days.  I'm sat next to one of Tam's friends from Aber (whose name evades me), then Tam, and then Emma.  "I" came too and was very good and made a conquest with the young man playing on the kitchen  toy.

I am the shrunken one on the right!!  I think I just had the lowest chair :)

Gabs and I.

My two gorgeous daughters.

Tam smiling at some gorgeous soft toys.

Shattered now as I have been very hard at work all morning (6 hours) - cat litter - two trips out to empty the tub as it was full from yesterday compost caddy emptied and washed; two lots of washing - one D&E's as they are away today, so eleventy odd socks to hang up again; taking car down to get new wiper blades fixed as the old ones had shredded, and I got the paper and sorted out a prescription at the same time; lots of recycling and taking a heavily laden wheelie bin for a walk to the end of the lane.  Plus helping Keith with his breakfast and lunch and emptying a Georgian drain (which are very basic soakaways and soon get blocked.)

Now, back to sewing that crawler quilt.  Blocks roughly laid out on the bed.  Only definite was the darkest ones each became corner blocks.  First two rows sewn up and looking good.


  1. Joyous photos! You look fit to burst with happiness dear J x Am SO glad a little relief and lightness has come into your days. Your quilt looks wonderful you clever thing. E has a look of my girls about her, the thick curly hair I think. And lovely photos of yours, I think that’s the first I’ve seen of T and G together Danette x

  2. What a lovely happy get together. Not long to wait until the baby arrives now - time will rush by - but not for your daughter!

  3. You and Tam both looking radiant as the expectant grandmother and mother. A lovely occasion for the ladies.
    You have indeed been busy, but when are you ever not?
    It took me a moment of squinting at the quilt layout to realize this is the 'diagonal setting ' of Log Cabin blocks. The charming centers caught my eye and distracted me!
    The last few weeks of pregnancy are both exciting and anxious--as well as cumbersome. Praying all goes well.

  4. Wonderful photos! Everyone looks so happy, especially the mother to be and grandma. The quilt is gorgeous. Your daughter will be thrilled. I hope you rest tonight.

  5. There is something about an expecting mother, they have their own special glow. So nice to get together and celebrate. Love the quilt, it looks awesome.

    God bless.

  6. It is a joy to behold such a happy gathering!

  7. What lovely happy photos, and something so special to look forward to. xx

  8. Happiness leaps out of your photos, good times ahead for all of you. Studying your quilting skills to see what I can learn, I am a very simple quilter.