Friday 1 March 2024

Fed up with daily rain

It has rained just about every day all through February, and now that March is here, it's still raining, so perhaps it will continue through March too.  Enough is enough!  Wednesday didn't go to plan as I found that my Dental appt. was 11 a.m. (same time as the Mosaic).  I didn't miss much anyway.  It was just very basic square chips, making a coaster.  

Here is the Indo-Persian warrior horse that D&E bought at the Fair.  Colourful.  Its temporary residence is in our living room fireplace until they tidy up the fireplace in their bedroom.  The bits across the horse's hips are to take sabres, and I think the warrior would have seized the sabres in them and brandished them as he galloped into battle.

Shopping in Brecon didn't take place until yesterday. We're now all stocked up again for the week and the fridge and freezer are bulging with the grub from two households.  Emma doesn't know Brecon and loved the scenery over the Eppynt mountains, and the view of the Brecon Beacons.  

Closeup of a lovely inlaid late Victorian side table Keith fell for at the Fair.  Staying here at the moment.

Whilst this was my only purchase - a lovely vintage heavy brass greyhound-type dog standing 8"or so high (20cm).

I have finally finished some official paperwork which has been hanging over me for far too long, and am ripping apart the final block of the dodgy row. P.H.E.W.  Sashing will be used - I'm not even going to try and line anything up going down the rows!  This afternoon Emma and I are going to get the staging made up.  That will be real progress. 

Keith's had his neck massaged, Emma's got paint on order for the Summerhouse and the buddha, so we just need a drier day or two!  

More veg seeds bought yesterday - Emma is going to grow Peppers, Radishes and Rocket, along with various herbs and probably more veg when the ground is prepared.


  1. I love the table that Keith chose, you cannot beat a lovely barley twist leg, or even a candlestick for that matter. The rain is getting ridiculous now isn't it. It must feel reassuring to have the food all stocked up again in this terrible weather.

    Happy St David's Day. xx

  2. I wish I was nearby to have a look at the recalcitrant quilt blocks--sometimes one struggles with a project and another person can quickly see what might be done to resolve the issue. We found that to be true at the quilt shop when I worked there. One of the other 'girls' could look at my layout for a minute and suggest, 'Have you thought of trying ____?'
    Bear in mind that each time we 'unsew,' no matter how gently, there is distortion in the fabric.
    OK--end of lecture!
    Somehow a string of chilly rainy days aren't welcomed at any time of year. We are into one this morning--and Robert-Cat sits stubbornly in the meadow watching what we assume is a mouse hole!

  3. I love all your finds. Probably the dog is my favourite but I'd happily put all of them in my house. Do you think it's the wet or the accompanying grey skies which makes rain depressing? I wish I still thought playing in the rain was fun.