Thursday, 1 April 2010

Bear with me . . .

You will have to bear with me at the moment as things are incredibly stressful over trying to get things sorted on the house before we can go on the market. Problems have reared their ugly heads and are the sort which will Cost Money (which is in short supply right now), and OH and I have been at loggerheads . . . Anyway, things have now been sorted financially and at least we can stop the leaks now!!! You would not BELIEVE the relief we are feeling right now.

We have just had a couple of pieces in a catalogued auction which sold well and have surplus furniture and a few boxes of china and a pile of picture frames to go into auction too. We should have a bit more space when they've gone, if nothing else.

I am just NOT in a writing mood at the moment, though I have a post in my mind I would like to commit to print, when I can encourage myself.


  1. Sending warm thoughts, you know it will get better. Though money can be a problem my very wise Mother-in-Law always said that if something could be fixed with money it wasn't a problem, it was the things that money couldn't fix that were.

  2. Funny, we're going through stressful stuff at the moment, as are a few of our friends...something in the air? Hmmm...well, that which doesn't kill us, makes us stronger :) Good thoughts sent your way, take care...

  3. Understand entirely what you are going through and how stressful these situation are, so glad however you have managed to sort finances out sufficient to mend leaks etc... hope that the items you have or are going to put up for sale fetch a good price!!
    Will look forward to another post only when you are ready mind you! I for one do not post as often as I would does tend to get in the way of such things!! But no matter what... we are all thinking of you and yours my dear!!
    Love Jane xxx

  4. It will come as no surprise that I am SICK of looking at house details - my middle daughter has given herself the afternoon off and been looking up all sorts for me (a bit dearer than my price bracket, but interesting and one or two only just over the threshold . . .)

    ER - Anyway, I really don't know what it is about stressful stuff this year but it has been a bad start to the year (carrying on from the ending of the last one). Perhaps we have been livingg under a blighted star, like Tess . . .

    M&J - your m-in-law never spoke a truer word . . .

    I mustn't complain - I have a lovely husband, three lovely kids, and a fabulous house that just happens to have leaking chimneys because of Grant work that wasn't carried out properly not that long ago . . .

  5. Jane - you probably understand better than anyone. Now we need to get Mike (builder) on the scene . . . I shall be SO GLAD when the work is done and I get get busy with my paintbrush!! I found my dream cottage is back on the market again . . . is this a sign I wonder?

  6. I'm here to say that getting a house ready for market whether new or old is a stressful time--under the gun, so to speak and wanting everything to look its best.
    We are dreadfully unsettled in the little cottage of our recent move--but being outdoors mostly makes up for the interior upheaval.
    Moving takes great stamina--not a little money, FORTITUDE.
    Like you, I have some creative posts in mind but can't seem to cudgle my brain into the works.

  7. Hi! I hope things are sorted and moving ahead quickly for you. I've moved enough times to know it can be quite stressful. I hope you find exactly what you're looking for. Get some rest in the meantime!