Sunday, 18 April 2010

Car Booty and an afternoon walk

OH and I went to a different car boot sale this weekend, one held yesterday at Ffos Las, the new racecourse near Kidwelly. It was so warm and sunny and we thoroughly enjoyed strolling round, and bought a few things:

I really don't know what this is. The lady selling it thought it might be a little butter maker for a small household! I will have to look through my Dorothy Hartley type books and see if I can find it. Any suggestions?

We needed a map of Ludlow, so this one fitted the bill. The talking book was the result of a £1 raffle ticket in aid of the charity Scope. The Barbara Woodhouse book I just couldn't leave behind as it brought back so many childhood memories. Do you remember her on tv? "Walkies!" She came across as a bit batty but looking back on her now, I think she had a lot of proto-Intelligent Horsemanship genes - way ahead of her time! I will do a proper post on her later this week.

This is a fabulous little magazine with all SORTS of goodies I'd like to make, ahem, in my spare time . . . It was only 20p!

My choice - I think I may have the Arthur Rackham, but did a just-in-case purchase. The Paul Deveraux book is interesting reading . . .

OH's choice. I've been dipping into the archaeology one as well.

These three books came home for No. 1 son, who was delighted.

Beautiful embroidery on an old tablecloth, but sadly it had a hole in the middle and some staining, but at 30p I wasn't complaining and I am going to cut it into four pieces and turn them into pretty cushion covers.

I saw the edge of this plate in a pile of others and asked to have a look. I just couldn't resist it!

Then when we got home, this book was waiting for me, complete with all the patterns. It felt like Christmas, what with all those car boot sale goodies!

After lunch I took a walk up the valley to see if my neighbour's TB broodmares had foaled yet . . .

This little lad is about a week old and he's going to be a racehorse when he grows up.

This is his half-sister, who is only day old, bless her. She was curious about this new world she had come into.

One of the two remaining ladies in waiting, who has started waxing up so is due any day now.

Another lady in waiting, even bigger! Sadly her hind legs are getting a bit filled ("lymphy") as she's not been turned out for a while now.

Dinner time for the one day old baby!


  1. If it didn't have the lid, I'd suggest a greek coffee pot. Maybe they sometimes come with lids? I don't know how to spell their name, but phonetically it sounds like da-brook-ie.

  2. I have no idea what your copper thingy big is it? That plate is amazing ...itis such a mix ...almost too much pattern ... all different in style there anything on the reverse? I dont think I could have resisted it at a good price either.

  3. Love the foals, really sweet. I like the embroidered tablecloth best out of all your finds, although the plate comes a close second!

  4. Just had time for a quick look but will definitely be back for a closer look at all the wonderful pics. Oh, how I'd love to see those little foals up close and personal and pet them! How I'd love to have one! Great pics and post as usual. Hope you're having a great day.

  5. Monks Hood is one of the best of the Brother Cadfael mysteries and having it read by Derek Jacobi has to be a plus.
    Dear little foals! I've always wished J. had allowed Pebbles at least one.
    I hope you learn the purpose of the copper piece---and let us know!

  6. BB- that Barbara Woodhouse book is the one that started me on my lifelong journey of trying to interpret the body language and to communicate with animals. I spent my childhood breathing up the noses of any horses or cows who I met LOL. She may have been a batty old soul but I am definitely a kindred spirit!

    I love that plate by the way.