Saturday, 10 April 2010

Day out

OH and I are off to Acton Scott shortly. Ive wanted to go there for years, even before they filmed The Victorian Farm there.

We should have been in Cardiff at this moment, having dropped off middle daughter to catch the Megabus back to Uni, but when she ordered the ticket she didn't double check and has discovered she's booked the wrong date! Sigh . . . So that's re-ordered for tomorrow now . . .

Will report back later.


  1. That looks a fiendish contraption. Pray tell, what is it? lol :)

  2. Hope you have a wonderful day . Had a great catch up of your posts ...what a fantastic jug .... how much was it??? better left where it was lol The views are stunning in your photos. So glad you have sorted your main problems ....lack of money when repairs are needed is the worst feeling ...Take Care

  3. Beauty of a header pic BB!

    Hope you have a good day....


  4. Hope you day goes well for you and you have the best time!! Would love to rent one of Acton Scott holiday homes... Especially Henley Cottage!!!
    Love the new header... its absolutely beautiful!!
    Now as for the contraption that you have in your photograph.... is it some sort of a churn???
    Love Jane xxx

  5. Have always wanted to visit Acton Scott, maybe this year during our trip to England.