Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Day out at Acton Scott

As you know, we had a lovely day out at Acton Scott, the historic working farm in Shropshire. There were a couple of chaps there doing bodging (using a pole lathe in other words) and another one making a handle for an adze. We spent some time here and my husband would have been happy to stay and chat all day I think! He was also very taken with the wheelright's workshop, but then he loves to work in wood, so that is no surprise.

I would have liked to have seen the butter making display, but first of all we were twenty minutes too early, so we went for a stroll to see the new Longhorn calf, and then when we got back, the demonstration was jam-packed, but i was going to try and squeeze in when an officious mother shoved her children through the door in front of me.

We would LOVE to go on one (or preferably LOTS more!) of their courses, but finances dictate otherwise. Ah well . . .

More later.

OH in the wheelright's workshop.

A view across the farmyard towards the dairy display (white door) and the bailiff's cottage (red door on the right).

Gloucester Old Spot piglets and below, with their mum.

Two Shires in the lovely stables. I'm not sure if it was Tory and Clumper (as their names say) as someone went in to see them and said "hello girls" and I thought Clumper was a gelding . . .


  1. I envy you! I'd love to visit Acton Scott, will have to make the time one of these days. Preferably on a nice quiet weekday!

  2. It's a lovely place to visit isn't it. I was there once for a harvest festival service the music ...small pump organ I think? ..was on a wagon and we all traveled around the farm and sang hymns at different spots...it was great fun and personally not being able to carry a tune it was lovely to be able to sing with gusto safe in the knowledge that all the strapping chaps booming away would happily drown my voice...lol

  3. That sounds fun Val. I used to be able to sing but my voice creaks these days like a rusty gate!

    Rowan - when you come down to stay with me, perhaps you could stop off at Acton Scott on the way? I would LOVE to do their Victorian-woman-for-a-day course, and the Smocking - I've always wanted to smock.

  4. Have never made it to Acton Scott though we always meant to. Have visited Coggs Farm in Oxfordshire several times and it looks like they're similar. A Victorian-woman-for-a-day course sound wonderful.

  5. When we eventually DO (see I'm being optimistic)get to Wales, I'd love to tour this wonderful place. I think my husband would enjoy this especially. Thanks for sharing...