Saturday, 24 April 2010

Well really!!!

Looking across to Rhossili Bay and Worm's Head on the Gower.

Well, I am absolutely SHATTERED. I was awake for 2 hrs in the night again, and then up with the alarm at just gone 6 because of the car boot sale. We just went to the one in town, and we sold a few things including all of D's Lego, but then had to dash back home early and empty the car, and then shoot off to the beach with D for his beach party with his pals.

I decided I would have my walk on the beach for a change today and did about 6 miles - practically the length of the beach and back. As I got further away from the "busy" part (imagine perhaps 100 people in all, very well spread out on acres of sand), I drew level with the chaps doing beach fishing. I looked to my right and saw several men walking about the dunes, just in shorts. Oh, they'll get a nice tan, I thought. I glanced across again and saw bare buttocks with an all-over tan. Aha, I thought, like the nudist colony at Studland. Then as I carried on walking, other men kept popping up and looking round, and then dropping out of sight again, and I think, as I only saw MEN, it may have been, ahem, a Gay nudist colony!

I marched on, determined to find the wreck which had been there a few years back, but no sign of it. I walked back,and was perhaps half way when a chap walked up to me and said, "You walked a long way then." I said indeed I had, up past the rocks and beyond. He leered at me and leaned across and said "What are you here for then?" I answered sharply, "The EXERCISE!" and marched on. Dear God, I'm not much of a catch these days, but Hell's Teeth, HE never had been!!! Gruesome! Urggggggggh!!!

Tomorrow OH and I are off to the Antiques Fair/Fleamarket on the showground, so we're looking forward to that - the Fleamarket bit rather than the indoor stalls, which tend to be a bit samey with nice glass and china.


  1. Have to say that I burst out laughing when I read this post:):) Enjoy the Antiques Fair tomorrow - who knows what offers you'll get there! Sorry, couldn't resist that.......

  2. Ha Ha! My son and I walk over at Studland beach sometimes and indeed we only ever see male nudists on the nudist beach! It's not attractive and we bypass now so we don't have to see them. And while we're on the subject , why do they feel the need to stand up when you go within sight of them?

  3. Goosey - Studland, not Sandbanks. Brain has had it tonight. Guess they have to show off!

    Carol - glad you enjoyed!

    Rowan - I have been chuckling to myself too . . .

  4. LOL ...wish i could have seen his face ...or maybe not. Have a great day tomorrow ...wonder what you will find to buy.

  5. OH GOODNESS! CREEPY!!! And I'm so glad he didn't follow you further.... CRINGE!

  6. I thought it was good manners for {ahem} 'gentlemen' to stand when a lady approached.......

    Surely they are to be admired for their bavery/desperation in baring all in April...

    I mean that's got to be bloomin cold sometimes - and if you think of the effect that has - actually now I come to think of it - why DO they stand up.......

  7. OMGoodness! I'm still laughing! What an "adventure" you had! Interesting part of the beach you found. Hmmmm....on second thought, maybe you'd better take your handsome OH with you next time!

  8. No more talk of us over-fifty`s being "invisible " then BB!

    Apart from the anatomical scenery, it sounded a lovely walk.......