Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Another bluebell-y day . . .

I thought I would add the rest of my bluebell photos today, as these are mesmerising. I have never seen acres of bluebells like this. Sadly, on our way up to Builth a couple of weeks back, we were too early to see them. They should be out now though. I should imagine this was all woodland at one time, but then the trees were cut down and the bluebells remain. It was the same on Skomer island when we went there a few years back. Scarcely a shrubby tree remains, but masses of bluebells and wood sage, showing a relict landscape. There were acres of Red Campion too. Just magic. I hope to go back to Skomer before we finally leave Wales.

Anyway, this spot above is on the road to Builth from Llandovery, on the right hand side, and behind where a loop of the old road has been sidelined. Blink, out of season, and you will miss it. Right now you will be stunned by its beauty.


  1. A swathe of bluebells is a really beautiful sight isn't it? I'm lucky to live so near Eccleshall Woods which is filled with them, they are just coming into bloom and another few days will see them at their peak. One of the glories of Spring.

  2. Oh my goodness. I've never seen so many bluebells. But somebody tried to tell me they are not the same kind as we used to have in my youth. Is that true, I wonder? Whatever! They are beautiful.

  3. These ones are the proper British bluebells Chris - no Spanish interlopers here. . .

    Rowan - they are glorious aren't they? There are woods overlooking the A40 near Whitemill and they are just bluebell heaven right now.

  4. Just came by via Letters from a Hill Farm and stopped to look at your photos. Stunning, especially these ones of the bluebells. We're so lucky in the UK to have these wonderful displays in May.