Sunday 2 May 2010

Day Out at the Antiques Fair

You will have to bear with me at the moment, as I am going absolutely FLAT OUT here, painting and gardening etc. However, we felt we deserved a day out on Saturday and we drove up to the Antiques Fair at Builth Wells. Here are a few pics:

All the tools you could ever need, neatly laid out on display.

A lovely stand with lots of interesting pieces.

OH would have loved to have brought both these chairs home with him - especially the primitive chair above. The Windsor chair boelow is made in yew, bar the seat which is elm, I believe.

A bevy of beautiful dolls await new homes.

The Kitchenalia shop is always one of my favourites and there were lots of people shopping there.

Looking down from the gallery.

Plenty of jewellery stalls. My girls would have had a lovely time looking round!

My little treat - 6 more old bobbins with lovely spangles. The one far left just HAD to come home with me because it "spoke" so eloquently - you used what you had in those days . . .

This was OHs indulgence - apparently an "Irish kettle" - more like teapot, though I have a wicked suspicion it may have been a "po" to collect urine for dyeing purposes - hence the spout!!
It is now where the bananas are kept . . .


  1. Lucky you to have such places to go to! Essex is a veritable wasteland of antiques (mind you that might only be Chelmsford) and megalithic stones.
    I like chairs as well, in fact my computer chair is a large old windsor with the initials WHB carved in the back. I have a friend in Wales who collects old turn-of-the century clocks and then puts miniature scenes in them....

  2. What a plethora of things to buy - loved those chairs.

  3. A lovely way to spend the day. Kitchen things would draw most of my attention too!

  4. Lucky you, my husband would have gone wild in the tools and I'd spent all my money on kitchenalia.

  5. You are so right that in spite of all the "things to do" we have to get away from the scene of our toilings now and then.
    J. and I hadn't thought of elm as a furniture wood. We were amazed last week to see beautiful elm furniture in a Mennonite shop. No pics, as the shop had minimal electricity and the rainy day kept the interior dark.
    The display of old implements would have appealed to J. and makes me think of Gerard Manley Hopkins" line about "tools, tackle and trim."

  6. What a great place to visit. I have never been to one of these fairs before but they look fun. I like the lace bobbins, my Mum makes lace and I will look out for some for her birthday later in the year I think. I like the chairs too.

  7. What a wonderful day out and so glad you managed to purchase some lace bobbins... love the one on the left!!! Interesting Irish kettle and most certainly a talking point. I would have adored that auction full of such interesting and gorgeous goodies!! Must have made a welcome break from all of your hard work at the moment.
    (love the new header picture!!!)
    Thinking of you! Love Jane xxx

  8. What a wonderful display of antiques! I loved the Welsh dresser/buffett! I could easily imagine that here...*sigh*...just a little too far.

  9. I would have loved a day wandering those stalls and exhibits. So many interesting old objects and each one with stories to tell of other lives.

  10. The lace bobbins would have spoken to me, that's for sure, even though it's years since I played with mine...

  11. I adore the chairs & the dresser is very handsome.I could lose my soul in a place like that lol!
    The wooden kettle is very sweet!
    GTM x x

  12. I would liked to have a closer look at the items on the Welsh dresser. I'm not really a collector, but I do love colored glass things. I could have spent a whole day in that place.