Saturday 25 February 2012

Saturday sunshine!

Finally we have the warmer temps and sunshine that other parts of the UK have been boasting about. Ten minutes ago I was looking at a misty sky, and a rolag of mist settling in amongst the trees on the far side of the valley. I went to get a drink, came back and voila - clear blue skies everywhere. WHAT a difference it makes to see sunshine again and once the shopping's done, I intend to go outside and make the most of the weather. The birds are certainly believing spring isn't far off and winter is on the run, just like in Narnia!

There is so much to do outside, and although I shall slowly dig the kitchen garden over it and move some more muck heap onto it, I am not going to grow much in the way of veg. this year, as it's only me that eats it and there is a limit to how many beans of various persuasions I can eat/fit in the freezer! Onions don't like it here, garlic's been planted since November and doing nicely. Peas take up a lot of room and carrots always get nobbled at some stage of their growth. Oh, and the last two years Blight has done for my tomatoes . . . Courgettes will go in, and lots of ridge cucumbers and some spring onions and pak choi, and that will be it I think.

Anyone else busy in the garden yet?


  1. We thought we'd bought our onion, potato and garlic sets but discovered we'd left them at the store, going in search of more today. It was 86 here yesterday, but has cooled off to a more reasonable 60 today.

  2. Are these daffodils really out or is this a last year's photograph?

    The trouble with peas (which do very well in our garden) is that they need podding.

  3. Not this year's Weaver, though there are a few coming into bloom and they were in bloom last month at the Botanic Gardens, but in a sheltered spot. These are the little wild "Tenby" daffs which grow around here and will hopefully be out for St David's Day on 1st March.

    Mac & Janet - 86?!!! Oh gosh, t-shirt weather. I still had 5 layers on inside the house and only shed my fleece outside when the sun came out and I warmed up yanking roots out.

  4. Fruit trees pruned - but not sure it's the best time - and scarifying the lawns on the cards for next week or so. I'm fed up looking for grass and only seeing moss!

    I might clear out the borders around the house and make a new start there too but that's probably over ambition.

    Compost looks very good from the composter and the tubs will need got ready for whatever I might plant in them shortly too.

    Jings! - I'm tired just thinkinhg about it!!!

  5. Just tidied up the flower gardens. Perennials beginning to shoot up.

    You asked where is home for me. I live in the mts. of Asheville, NC. England would have to be my spiritual home as I have ancestral roots there.

    I love your blog and your postings take me right along. Thank you.

  6. The compost is dug in and the beds are cleared. Seed packets are tempting me but it`s probably a bit too soon......
    Good luck with whatever you decide to grow. We have decided not to grow too many brassicas as neither of us like them that much, although the cabbage white butterflies do!

    So pleased that you had warm sunshine too. It has been lovely here and tonight the sky is so clear with bright stars and a crescent moon.