Tuesday 7 February 2012

A walk in Brechfa Forest

I had cabin fever this morning, after being confined to barracks last week with my chest infection and the bitter weather. Yesterday's walk convinced me to get out again, and I persuaded K to get the paper from Brechfa for a change, so that we could have a walk in the Forestry. The sun was out, so we grabbed the moment (just as well as it's disappeared again now). Here is Brechfa in the distance, photographed through the car window.

We parked up on a good piece beside the road, so we weren't locking the lane, and walked half a mile or so to the Forest edge. This gateway seemed to beckon me in to take a photo.

From the bridge, looking upstream.

Fallen trees across the river. Further along, a beech had toppled over, but continued growing, with lots of upright branches crossing the trunk.

The track ahead.

The Afon Clydach below us.

This footpath leads you along the bottom of Allt-y-Garth.

Above and below, early morning sun highlighting the moisture on twigs and leaves, as if they were touched with mercury.

Whinberries grow amongst the mosses and small ferns on this wet slope beside the path. Whinberries are a common feature on higher ground here. We used to pick them when we camped on Dartmoor.

Looking across the river from the pathway - a tangle of brambles and Fireweed (Rosebay Willow Herb).
The Afon Clydach scampering away downstream.

These were the colourful mosses I was speaking of yesterday. A different bridge, but same plants and same stunning colours. This is Pont Cymmawr-du.

I was intrigued by this little cabin beside the ruins of a former Hafod or barn. I wondered if anyone used it as a weekend retreat or whether it was a Hippy hideout.

I LOVED this photo (hence it being the new header.) It is the atmosphere of it - sun breaking through the river-mist and the beautiful tangled blackness of the tree boughs. This is our lane home, back down the valley.

Looking back up the valley in the direction of Abergorlech.

Frost still held captive the North-facing slopes and low-lying marshy fields beside the river.

Looking towards home . . .


  1. Looks like you had a beautiful day for a walk, it always feels good to get out and stretch ourselves.

  2. Afon clydach sounds like a very old Scottish term. Thank you for including all the names. They sound so unique and wonderful to my American ears.

  3. Reminds me of the tales of Avalon and King Arthur.
    Stunning, beautiful photos,BB. Thank you

  4. Beautiful photos and I see the moss is flowering, aren't they one of the oldest plants from the ice age?

  5. Glad you're feeling better. Beautiful walk and I love all the photos you took - especially the header!

  6. How beautiful those winter trees are, beside the stream! A lovely walk. It must have lifted your spirits so much after being virtually housebound last week.

  7. What a nice walk, glad you are up to doing it after being so poorly. Love that photo of the mosses, such lovely colours.

  8. beautiful scenes---misty wet fields and forests--so happy you are up to walking again