Saturday, 18 February 2012

Sex-starved Frogs!

How many frogs can you count?

Building a wildlife pond was one of our better ideas. From day one it has drawn in the local wildlife. First to arrive were pond skaters, then little black whirligig beetles which flew in from somewhere, then the damselflies and dragonflies, and suddenly we noticed newts too. It's been established about 14 years or so now, and last year we had the most amazing quantities of frogspawn laid. Considering we'd had a very long and very cold and snowy winter, I was surprised that any frogs had survived to mate.

Anyway, some seemed to have survived and returned to procreate again, and I can honestly say I have never seen quite so any frogs all in one place before! I think there are upwards of about two dozen! They have already laid quite a quantity of spawn, but judging by the canoodling going on out there - right through the daylight hours too (in the past I have only been aware of them at night, as it sounds like the African savannah, with Bullfrogs making a racket).

Now it looks pretty quiet - everyone has just disappeared out of view after Lucky had a drink from the pond.

Above and below: This is the result of them spotting me 15 feet up at a window with my camera!

The frogspawn so far - all laid in the past 4 days.


  1. Yes I do agree BB - frogs mating is quite a sight!

  2. They have more energy than I :)
    BB, does the cold bother the spawn? I usually don't see frogs here until about April,then it depends on our crazy weather too. What an amazing sight.

  3. Denim - we had frogspawn early last year (considering the weather) - I think it was end of January, and some on the very top got frozen, but it just seemed to slow down the development. A few eggs weren't viable, but only very few.

    Weaver - I have never seen so many frogs in one spot before. A proper Frog shindig out there!

  4. Can't say that I've noticed either frogs or frogspawn yet but round here it is all running water so that may be why.

  5. I used to creep up on the frogs in our pond, everything would go quiet and all these little eyes would watch me ;) Still it is a sign of spring... Hurrah

  6. What a sight! Our pond seems to be a better home for common newts than for frogs. Which reminds me- there are leaves still to clear out....