Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Autumn in our Valley

Autumn has been dragging her tinted fingers through our valley, and when I go out for walks, I can allow myself to stop on a steep hill at the "next yellow tree" or the "bare ash" (they are always first to drop their leaves, just as they are last to get them).  We have had some heavy rain and the river levels have been rising and falling several feet at a go - sometimes within hours the river level will rise as heavy rains up in the Cambrian mountains run off the steep slopes and join the river.  This time they washed away most of the cut trees we had been harvesting for winter fuel, but some remains.  The Environment Agency wanted them on their way as that corner of the river is where fallen trees always get snagged up.

Yesterday I went for Respiratory Tests at the Hospital, so we will see what the results are in due course.  With my walking up steep hills regularly, my peak flow has increased immeasurably.  I won't say that struggling up hills is in the least bit pleasurable (other asthmatics will understand) when you are gasping for breath and wishing yourself anywhere else than facing the steepest part of the hill yet, but in my case it has paid great dividends.  It opens my lungs so my peak flow can alter as much as 60 from morning test to post-exercise, and several times recently I have registered 450 and even, on one occasion last week, 460 - 10 more than what I have been supposed to aim for.  I have had to raise that magic figure to 475 now.  When I was very ill back in the summer, I was below 300 because my chest was so congested and the Doctor told me that if it got to 200 I was to phone for an ambulance and not even consider walking to the car, which tbh, scared me rigid!  What a difference it also makes to have a Doctor tell me that asthma can be reversible instead of my previous Doctor telling me what did I expect at my age and of course it would be downhill all the way now. 

Apologies for not posting as much as I meant to these past two weeks, but I am busy selling bits and pieces on eBay to raise some money to go up and visit our eldest daughter "oop North".  I shall spend a few days up with her around her birthday, and we are planning a day out in York.  I can't wait to see her again, although she has just been down visiting us, it wasn't long enough.

Theo is putting on weight and gradually getting to know the layout of the house.  The boys still think he is the Devil incarnate, but I dare say it will all settle down in time, especially once he's been neutered.  Each evening he comes up on the sofa beside me, and loves to be made a fuss of, rolling over on his back and having his tummy tickled, and absolutely beside himself with delight!

I need to "do things with apples" today as we have plenty, but all very much smaller than in a normal year.  I need to make some chutney too, and perhaps some jam as well.  And bread.  And a cake.

I shall finally get to do a book post later today, as this is a "day off" (I slept very badly these past two nights).  Don't run away.


  1. "Autumn has been dragging her tinted fingers through our valley, "

    what a lovely description!

  2. A beautiful autumnal photo of your river.

    I am so pleased that you are getting the best tests and treatment now. Hoping that you will be walking your hills and valleys with renewed health and energy very soon!

  3. Thank you Kath. It's the first bit of creative inspiration that I've had for a long time.

  4. Beautiful pictures-I think autumn is the most beautiful season. So glad you are seeing so much improvement with your asthma!

  5. Your health improvements are fantastic news and I hope you get the money together to go up north soon. I miss my son not being here after school at the moment while he's off being an abseiling, caving, canoeist. He gets home at 7.00 and goes straight to bed after supper.

    Your autumnal description is beautiful. Keep up the walking!

  6. Hurrah! I am SO incredibly happy to read of your vastly improved LFT's! Partly due to new docs et all ~ but a good deal of credit to YOU for seeking new docs/tests AND the walking (hard walking at that) as it helps greatly. Bravo to you my friend!

    No such thing as 'enough time shared' with children or those loved so the upcoming visit to York (a place I've adored since first setting foot there) will be wonderful - can't wait to hear all about it upon your return....

    PS I've not had chance to write to tell you how touched I was at your note about sharing the fear post with your daughter - you made my heart sing knowing you thought it worthy of that - thank you....

    PSS Beautiful images (as always)!


  7. Happy that you are feeling better, was worrying about you this morning;) hope you have a lovely trip to see your daughter and that the weather will be good for you xxx

  8. Do tell me where 'oop North' is - as I live there and would love to meet for a coffee.

  9. I'm sitting here with a cup of coffee and a completely different view now but, finally, with time to catch up on my favorite blogs! I'm so glad to read that you are feeling better and improving daily. I also loved your beautiful description of my favorite season - Autumn!


  10. Back now - spoke too soon as I felt worse before I felt better!

    Dianne - I was literally, 5 minutes ago, thinking about you and wondering how you were so perhaps I picked up on your thinking about me!

    Weaver - I'm off up to Sheffield and then we are having a day out in York. North, but not quite North enough for you - I'd love to meet up, too.

    thelma - don't worry my dear, I am slowly mending and my peak flow was normal today (in fact, the base line before meds. was 450 which is excellent!) I was thinking of you earlier on too, so perhaps we are all tuned in to the same wavelength at the moment.

    Issy - have you read any of C J Sansom's historical novels? I love them. "Sovereign" was set in York, so you could revisit it in Tudor times : )

    Em - I am sure your son is back home now after his course, and you will be hugging yourself with delight. No more rushing around after him for you, either.

    Jan - sometimes I am half-frightened to mention improvements, lest I tempt fate . . .