Saturday 13 October 2012

Bye-bye firewood . . .

We noticed yesterday, as we were driving back along the river valley, that the river had been in spate overnight and had come around the bend with such force it had - as the Environment Agency had hoped when it cut up the 4 trees languishing there - washed all but the biggest trunk downstream.  As we had been "harvesting" these for our much-needed firewood, this was a glum sight.  Ah well, we still have a BIG dead willow in the copse in our top field, but boy, will it be hard to shift even in small chunks as it's a good distance from the lane and uphill all the way . . .  The long-suffering and much-mended wheelbarrow will be earning its keep again.

Some friends came over for coffee and cake this week and bought me another little piece of Torquay pottery for my collection, bless them.  One I didn't have too!  I have told my OH that I now Need Another Shelf for them, though I'm not quite sure where we can put it yet . . .

Our eldest daughter T is now home for a few days, which is lovely.  We plan to check out a local horse sale today (catalogued one of Welsh ponies and cobs - good quality ponies) and tomorrow we are going to see her sister in Swansea.  In between we have friends coming over this afternoon and I need to rustle up a roast chicken and Pineapple Upside-down Cake (both requested by T), and list a few more things on e-Bay.

On Monday we will be having a much-needed day out in Hay-on-Wye (see top photo).  I hope the weather is fine for us.

Theo the Puny is now starting to fill out and looks a lot less skeletal.  He has already wormed his way into our hearts and is such a loving little boy.  I wormed him this week - though he managed to eat ALL his breakfast and LEFT the bit with the worming tablet in, so I had to mix it in with some cat food in gravy later.  That fooled him.  I have some flea treatment for him too, so will have to get T to hold him later whilst I apply it to the back of his neck though he is so narrow and lean, bless him, it will be like giving him a shower in it!  He can now scamper about - as shown along the garden path one sunny afternoon this week.  I need to get a little ping pong ball for him to play with, now he has some strength for something more than just staying alive.  I will get some more recent photos of him over the weekend.

Have a good weekend everyone.


  1. That sounds like a busy weekend! have a lovely time. So lovely that Little Theo is still with you, I think he has fallen on his feet, lucky chap. look forward to seeing some pics. Mine always do that with the wormer they are so sneaky!! x

  2. If I'd had my thinking head on I'd have put it in a pellet of butter for him. I still have 4 to worm, so will do that with them.

  3. You have a full weekend and week, BB coming up.
    I have four outside cats to worm too. Two of them I can handle, the other two, I will have to get canned food and crush up the tablets.
    Have a wonderful weekend with the kids and a safe trip.

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    1. Your sentence about our adopted cats using their strength for more than staying alive is so true. It really got to me. We have also taken in a cat a month ago. She'd been through such tough times, and now has recovered, and is happy and playful. We're from NY, and have visited your glorious area, and so enjoy reading your blog. Many thanks for all you do.

  5. Enjoy your weekend too - wish I could pop in for a slice of that pineapple upside down cake - I love it.

  6. Have a LOVELY time with the family. I can't go to the pony sales - I find it too heartbreaking!

  7. How annoying to have the wood you were eyeing whisked off! Those of us who depend on wood heat are always on the look-out for what we can bring is easily.
    Nice that T. is with you for a few days. It sounds as though many of us are getting our visiting and having guests accomplished before winter weather sets in and we want to stay at home and huddle by the fire.
    Pineapple upside-down cake, BTW, is a favorite in this household, always requested by J. as his b-day treat. Served with whipped cream, of course!