Tuesday 2 October 2012

The latest addition to the family . . .

Here "he" is.  I'm pretty sure it's a he, but I could be wrong.  Anyway, at the moment we will assume it is.  He was around for breakfast yesterday, but by teatime he was missing.  Of course, I thought the worst . . .

 Pretty little chap isn't he?

Anyway, having spent the night thinking of him dieing alone in a farm outbuilding, chased off by the nasty local tom, or fallen into the slurry lagoon (as you do, in the depths of the night), I came down this morning - and found him in the hall, demanding breakfast!

The door had been left open all day yesterday and either he has had some experience of "indoors" or he is very confident, as he must have come in.  He has been cwtched up in the Junk Room, where there is plenty of cover.  He has been called Theo (as in Theodore Roosevelt) but may end up as "Teddy".  If he's a she, we will have a rethink . . .

Here he is on the wall - I was trying to show how thin he was, but you'll have to take my word.  That's Fluff in the background, looking daggers at him.


  1. Oh what a cutie! We've got our full quota of cats at the moment so I don't know what I'd do if anyone decided to move in. Clearly Theo is determined to stay.

  2. Could be a Theodora (same as Robbie Williams new daughter - who they are also calling Teddy!). He's lucky to have found you. M x

  3. Don't we always 'need' another cat--or three?
    How do we ignore when they turn up thin and needy? Obviously this one is not feral, probably shy, like our Willow.
    Gina named our three the evening of their appearance. We discovered a day later that "Nellie" was a male--the identifying bits were lurking beneath matted dirty fur! I tried calling him 'Neddie' but the other stuck and he doesn't seem to be minding.
    How quickly we become attached to them and concerned for their welfare.
    I think we should just buy into the kibble and litter producers!

  4. They always show up, don't they BB.
    He is thin, but a little care and food will do wonders.
    My mantra is "whats another cat".

  5. He's LOVELY. Reminds me a little of my old grey tabby Martin who dies about six years ago. What's another cat when you have more than one. I'm glad he/she has found a good home.

  6. Your last photo is perfect. Fluff is indeed staring daggers. You can feel the OMG ! not another one.

    cheers, parsnip

  7. How precious and bless you. Looks like there is enough orange color to be a female calico to me. Might want to check fairly soon. Regardless, a forever home has been found.

  8. I`m with Marilyn and would bet on this little one being a female, by its colour. He/she looks very sweet anyway and your "Welcome" sign is obviously in good working order!

  9. pretty little thing whether boy or girl. how many does that make now? grins.. leanne x

  10. Ah bless! I would open my door, and heart for him/her as well. They must have put a special sign at your door !All cats welcome here! lol