Friday 19 October 2012

We adore Theodore

This week Theo is starting to get a bit more adventurous and when the front door is open he will go out and explore the garden.  His cold is drying up (will the carpet ever recover?!) and he is putting on weight and getting to know the other cats.  He is tolerated by them all except the boys, who look on him with abject horror, cross themselves and run away!  Hopefully once he is neutered, they will all settle down together as I dare say they see him as his father's son right now - the Young Pretender.  His father is almost certainly the stray who tries to steal whatever food is put out for Miffy and Amber, but then I suppose he thinks I am putting it out for him . . .

Here is is in the Bramley apple tree, having seen Alfie up there and realized that it is possible for cats to climb.  You can see he has no back end yet but now he's wormed, at least I am feeding him and not the worms.

He has the most beautiful sherbert-lemon eyes!  And a teensy miow.  And a taste for the better things in life - bacon rinds, little bits of cheese, cat food in gravy, chicken leftovers.  He has us trained!

Sunbathing is nice too.  Here he is having a wash-and-brush-up or - as my dad was wont to call it - "playing his eukele"!!!

I think you can safely say he is one of the family now . . .


  1. He is a beautiful cat and has such a sweet loving looking face. glad he's feeling better.

  2. What a great post ...I can just see the others crossing themselves before escaping. I have to say that he is a very handsome cat.

  3. Great photos BB - and what a charmer for a subject¬

  4. Pretty little creature, hope he melds in with the other males.

  5. Theo is surely growing into a handsome cat--wouldn't most of them if given a chance--loved and fed? This integration of a newcomer with the established household is always a bit tricky. The 'bully boys' as our recent trio are known, are quite impervious to insults--maybe because there is a Three Muskateers mentality. They were given a few surly looks when they first began to come in the house, now the older residents mostly look the other way.

  6. All I can say to this BB is that cats are not daft are they?

  7. What a handsome chap he's becoming thanks to his new 'cat-mum'!

    And you know what they say, lol -
    DOGS love their people/owners unconditionally.
    CATS, however, tolerate their people/owners ~ officially loving us back mostly when we do as they desire :-)

    Issy Faye

  8. He is a gorgeous fellow and I am happy to welcome him to my group of cats, dogs, ponies, and donkeys in blogland who I love like my own. They all get along with my 7 cats here at my house!

  9. Love Theo, what a handsome man.
    I love your dad's comment, and I never thought of that leg that way, what a hoot! LOL
    Have a wonderful weekend, BB.

  10. Hi Jennie, I'm starting to get back to commenting now and have just met your new family member - he's lovely! When he fills out he'll be a really handsome cat. Hope you are doing OK and Feeling better these days.

  11. Whats not to adore, he is beautiful.
    He looks so different so much better than your first photo of him.
    Since I don't get to see him everyday I can see a huge change in him.
    He is so lucky !

    cheers, parsnip

  12. What an enchanting cat he is. Our friends have just got two black kittens and I've had them on my lap all morning. I do miss cats but Snippet isn't really a suitable companion and we'd have to cut holes for cat flaps in three doors.....hmmmm. I shall enjoy yours vicariously!

  13. Thank you for all your kind comments. He really is a little darling and has wormed his way into our hearts. He is SO affectionate and just wants to be stroked and tickled and cuddled all day long!