Wednesday 6 February 2013

A Day Out

We had a lovely day out in Hay-on-Wye yesterday (husband, T and myself).  The weather was . . . brisk, I think you could say.  It kept trying to snow in the morning and the mountains and Hay Bluff were well sprinkled with white.  I only bought one book - a little Edwardian book called Beautiful Dartmoor, for £5.  Extracts in due course.  We had our usual bacon/sausage baps in the cafe in Backfold which kept us going all afternoon. It is always good to see some different countryside - although it is countryside we have come to know "off by heart" in the years we have been driving to and from Hay.

Monday was a lovely day too.  When we went shopping my husband suddenly presented me with a bunch of deep red Chrysanthemums and brought tears to my eyes.  When I got home, Sharon at Morning's Minion had sent me a copy of Robert Frost's poetry, which I had been longing for and this and the lovely dedication within it from Sharon, brought tears to my eyes again. Sharon - the most ENORMOUS THANK YOU.  I have dipped into it so far, but love his work - I just feel so sad that he lived such a long and productive life and Edward Thomass's was cut off so abruptly.

 Then T arrived!, and I managed to stem my tears, but gosh, it was good to see her again.

Driving here this morning to use the computer, we saw that last night's gales had brought down a tree across the phone line!  Which means that all our little hamlet is out now.  Perhaps that will bring BT along quicker, although I doubt we will get our phone pole up any earlier.  I dare say the neighbours will have to be cobbled onto OUR repair day.  Thank heavens it was taken out BEFORE ours was repaired.  You can imagine my swear-words had we just got the line back and next day it was taken out again!

I am away to clean my oven now.  The things a girl does for fun!  I have a roast planned for this afternoon and the clouds of smoke coming out when I used the main oven on Monday (for the first time in months as I have had to just use the small one, for reasons of economy) meant it had to be working with all the windows open!

Keep warm all and thank you for your patience, friendship, and kindness.


  1. I know what you mean. We are meeting someone just over the border in Wltshire next week and I am looking forward to seeing some different countryside myself (as well as Stone Henge, which after all these years never fails to take my breath away).

  2. If you are still in the mood when you have finished cleaning your oven, could you pop round and do mine please?

  3. Isn't it great how a small outing breaks up the routine of our days?
    Glad to hear the book landed in West Wales--I have to inscribe your lengthy address letter by letter--comparing my typed label to the one I've just tried to make fit on the customs form!
    Our current oven has a self-cleaning feature--which means the oven locks for over an hour and the house fills with a rather charred smell. I don't use it often preferring to cover the bottom of the oven with a sheet of foil to catch spill-overs--most usualy from pies which I've stuffed too full of fruit.
    Enjoy R.F.--its a good fat collection for 'dipping' and pondering.

  4. Always thought cookers cleaned themselves;) Thanks for the postcard, you obviously had a good day with T....