Saturday, 23 February 2013

I don't believe it!

I turned my computer  on this morning to find that lt wasn'tworking. this be ingwritten on our kindle and I have 't usedit before.back on Monday.


  1. ack !
    I saw your heading and said Oh No !

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Can you tear your hair out with a Kindle too? So sorry! x

  3. All part of the frustrations of having a computer. Does absolutely nothing for your blood pressure.

  4. Perhaps the computer wearied of the long time off-line and something has atrophied?
    Seriously, how utterly maddening! I hope you can be sorted out soon. I wouldn't have a clue how to do a blog post on another device.

  5. I believe it. We had 2 months without broadband. Eventually solved. They dug up the road had traffic lights installed. Put in new cables etc. But the real success was that 2 Openreach men stayed on the job till it worked. We had people from Pudsey and all over.

    My son has waited 2 months. He is beginning to think he does not need it at home. Uses his work one. and has stopped surfing the net!


  6. Well, thank heavens for useful husbands, that's all I can say, as he has managed to get it going again. I owe him an apple pie I think!

    parsnip - I think the Universe is telling me something. My husband said it was to vacuum INSIDE the computer stack as it was full of fluff and dust!

    Em - the Kindle drove me batty too as it has predictive text . . . and it wouldn't let me log into forums i belong to.

    MM - I am now half way through two letters to you - one on the computer and one in longhand - so I shall have to try and finish them both and get them in the post.

    Weaver - you are SO right about the blood pressure! Steam coming out of my ears : )

    Lady of the Lake - welcome. I see I am not alone. BT is like an upside-down pyramid and the top has no idea of when the bottom can or will do anything. The guys on the ground (lovely engineers here) are constantly told that there are TOO MANY of them. FHSake - not anything like ENOUGH! Hope your son is soon restored too.

  7. Oh,no. I was just going to do my happy dance for you!

    I have so-O missed you. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger...blah,blah.

    Hugs to you.

  8. Well done Mr BB! Thank goodness you are up and running again after all this time. I did wonder if the computer thought it had been retired.... :-)

    I`ll try to phone you later.x