Thursday, 21 February 2013

Sanity restored

I am incredibly relieved to say that we are now back on line and with a working phone.  Hopefully my blood pressure will now sink back to normal levels. 

A random photo - taken when walking up to Llyn-y-Fan-Fach one summer.  You can just see a wee birdy on the rock, but can't remember what it was - looks a bit like a Grey (Water) Wagtail.

I shall return . . . Meanwhile, thank you all for holding the faith.


  1. I am cheering for you--BT should be handing out vouchers for a free 6 month connection. But, I was reminded that old-fashioned letters are a joy!

  2. Congratulations !
    A big YeeHaw from Tucson, Arizona
    Great news !

    A huge winter storm blew in and Tucson got snow ! Not just our mountains but the city... plus my home that is in the foothill had snow falling all day !

    cheers, parsnip

  3. parsnip - keep warm. It has been bitterly cold here today - easterly wind so wind chill factor, despite the sunshine.

    Kath - if I had champagne I'd be drinking it. May open a bottle of my home made wine instead . . .

    MM - I agree - I would like to keep the letters going to and fro as the joy of seeing a letter from you - or any of my friends - is one thing I will miss. You can say so much more in a letter. I have your most recent (hand-written one) here now too - it only took 4 days from thee to me which is almost better than our own Royal Mail these days . . . Reply to 1st letter half written.

  4. Glad to hear you have your Internet working again, and this day and age it feels like the world is running away without you when you don't have it.

    Beautiful photo. You are so lucky to have such nice scenery around you!

    Hope you are well, take care :) xx

  5. Way to go BB. No more smoke signals or flags.
    8 inches of snow on the ground now, very cold. Been out using the snow blower, and a little shoveling and now I am in and trying to warm up. I think a little wine tonight for me also.
    Great triumph.

  6. H&F - welcome. I popped across to your blog and was very impressed. We are very fortunate to live in a really beautiful - and peaceful - area. The header is the view from the top of Black Mountain, the very end of the Brecon Beacons.

    Vicky - It is SO GOOD to be back, and able to linger and actually read my friends' blogs and comment, and add photos to my blog posts and not have to rush out of the internet cafe (think ONE computer! in the shop annexe a few miles away) because another customer had come in to use the computer. But hey, it kept me in touch with you all in a fashion. Sorry to hear you have so much snow and I can only pray that you have rain when you need it this year.

  7. So glad to hear your phone has at long last been fixed and you are back on line :)

  8. Welcome back to the civilised world ;) X

  9. Hoorah! Very glad to have you back, fulling functioning!