Wednesday 27 February 2013

It's nearly March . . .

I have been going back through my photos, saving them (VERY slowly) to Amazon Cloud drive, so that if my computer goes belly-up, I have them stored safely.  This is one of the photos which I love and takes me back to going to Badminton Horse Trials with my friend Jude, and then we took the scenic route home.  This is - I am pretty certain - a corner of Frocester Hill near Stroud in Gloucestershire, looking across the Severn Plain towards Wales - only Wales is hidden in the haze.

I feel in need of some warmer memories today!  I will be so glad when Friday brings us the month of March and of course it will be St David's Day here in Wales and the schoolchildren will be dressed up as little old-fashioned Welsh children and everyone will be sporting a daffodil.

And I just had re re-use this window (at Fiddleford Mill in Dorset) looking across the verdant water meadow.  You just don't get greener green that this!

K and I had a walk along the river today, and got some more firewood - a cut branch wedged in the fork of a tree some 15 feet above the current river level.  I found what I called a witch's stick - a length of river-polished hardened wood which may have been ivy once, as several twines of wood writhe sinuously together.  I am going to clean it up, and decorate it and then I will show you it on here.

I needed to get some baking done too, so we now have two Double-ginger Ginger Cakes in the fridge, and then it was back out to the top of the stable yard to carry on chopping up and clearing the smallest of the ivy trees felled on Sunday.  There is a good bit of wood there, but an awful lot of trash and ivy foliage to burn.

I slept very badly last night, but hope to catch up on my sleep tonight - I need to be on the ball tomorrow so hopefully I won't be awake until nearly 2 a.m. like last night.  I had a lot on my mind, and aching calf muscles, and I was trying to be happy for our eldest daughter on holiday in Morocco - rather than worrying about her!

This is one of the felled trees so you can see how thick the swarm of ivy around it -  a veritable cat's cradle .  We have a nice view of the opposite side of the valley now.

Keep warm everyone.


  1. Lovely photographs BB - I particularly like the onethrough the window - you are right - you can't get much greener than that.

  2. Lovely pics. They remind me that there was a summer once..

  3. That first photo is almost a sepia tint. I can imagine Edwardian walkers appearing around the hill.

    What a rich, bright green through that window. It makes you long for summer again!

  4. DW - these photos - apart from ones of the girls' Graduation days - were among the first I saved to Amazon Cloud. I think I probably have double indemnity as I have them on Photobucket as well, but you never know, one day I may put them on disc and have big prints made of them.

    Weaver - it reminds me of the poem of Thomas Hardy's where he - living just along the river at the time at Sturminster Newton - described such verdant growth. The title will come along later . . .

    Kath - that is just what I needed reminding too!

  5. Lovely photos, I must admit uploading is a bore, I use Flickr, you have to pay an annual fee, and have left it for a couple of years (it goes dark) but started again this year to upload next batch, getting into the thousands (deep huff), and P says and what will happen when the whole system crashes, hopefully I won't be around by then. Rotten person who took the oak trunk after all that hard work...

  6. How lovely to see some green. It lifts the spirits. Hope you get a better night's sleep tonight.