Monday 11 February 2013

ET - makes a change from BT . . .

They (BT) have renagued on Friday's date, and Saturday's date.  Only they didn't contact me, as they promised in the morning, instead they texted a friend of mine in Oxfordshire, who had been chasing them up as she was worried about me being so long without a phone. She had to forward the bad news to me. I am climbing the bloomin' walls here from frustration.  We have a new date - 19th February.  I am about to e-mail MP again, BT Parliamentary representative etc and then our local newspaper - they could do with a front page story - it doesn't take much to become one either, round here.

I assume all the neighbours who now also have no phone line, will also be off until the 19th.

Meanwhile, T is here so we are doing companionable things together and will be making bread, a lemon drizzle cake and then beef goulash for tea.  I have been working on my Edward Thomas notes, and found some research I did last year, which has helped me along a bit.

If you are one of the people in touch with me by letter only, keep them coming.  It saves my sanity!


  1. What is it with BT? They seem to get away with murder. My internet connection keeps going off and when I contact them I can't hear what they are saying and give up in desperation.

  2. They have a total monopoly on the infrastructure which is a nightmare. Still lacking any kind of communication skills too it seems. I'm so sorry. Keep strong if you can.

  3. Gosh what awful news. But it seems that cable companies can do what ever they like and get away with it.
    For me it is comcast. what a huge joke. My last fight with them had the representative talking in circles so nothing was resolved and I was out 3 weeks of lost service.
    I can't even understand what you are going through. Bad weather, snow, ice, and no internet !

    cheers, parsnip