Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Above: the view across from the Harbour wall at New Quay, Ceredigion.

A great wailing and gnashing of teefs here - I have just had a phone call from my Doctor to say that my sputum tests have come back positive and I have another chest infection.  This is what I suspected last week when I went, and was told I sounded OK and to wait until I got the test results before I took the antibiotics.  In the meantime, I have had a short course of steroids as my breathing wasn't good and it seemed like pollen might be the culprit, and then seen the Respiratory nurse who given me an add-on inhaler, but also usefully changed my anti-histamines to a long-lasting one which worked first time.

No wonder my breathing was bad in the night and a walk near the sea at Llansteffan yesterday did nothing for my breathing.  At least I know now.

The painting continues and I can't stop just because I'm a bit huffing and puffing.  Back to the sitting room then . . .


  1. What a nightmare. I'm so sorry but at least you know, as you say. You'll just have to watch those weeds shoot up for another couple of days! I've heard Olive Leaf extract can be good for chest infections, alongside the antibiotics obviously. I really feel for you Jennie. It will end soon I'm sure but it ,must feel like an uphill struggle. Lots of love to you over the border there! x

  2. Bless you Em. You have no idea how much a kind word helps and I am so glad of the friends I have on line (and in the "real world" too!!!) I have just been out and got my beans in - this having been put off forever because of Pleurisy, pollen etc. Now I just thought damn it and did it. I will look out for the Olive Leaf extract - not heard of that. I was thinking about Pleurisy root and Elecampane when I had the Pleurisy, but with so many different medications going down my throat, didn't like to push my luck!

  3. Sorry to hear that. Does the sea air belp ay if so then go as near the sea as you can. You seem to have had this for such a long time. Hope it clears soon.

  4. Sorry to hear about this. Once you get an infection in your lungs I think they never really go away. At lest mine never has. I get somewhat better but just a cough away from problems.
    Hope the new inhaler helps.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. Hope you feel better soon. There has been a horrid chest virus in these parts, I had it for five weeks. I swear by inhalations of steam twice a day with a drop of Olbas oil or similar.

  6. Oh dear! And just when you want to get on with all the 'better weather' jobs. We're all wishing you better soon.

  7. Thanks everyone. Weaver - am plotting a trip to the seaside a.s.a.p. But first we have to go to Brecon for clay paint.

    parsnip - I now know all the tell-tale signs. The difficulty is getting the Doctor to LISTEN! I think the moment I can feel the "sore spot" in my left lung, that's the infection kicking off again. It seems to be lurking there, never properly cleared.

    Cait - I have Thyme oil in the cupboard and have used it in extremis in the past, inhalations did help when I had Pleurisy. After reading your comment last night, I inhaled some in the bathroom sink and it did seem to help, so I shall do that daily now. Thanks.

    Virginia - I made some progress yesterday. A friend told me to rest up - but I've had 2 1/2 years of resting up and am sick of it! I have to be up and doing again : )

  8. Oh boy, sick for so long truly does make one sad, disheartened and lackadaisical - sucks. May some antibiotic somewhere be the magic one and Yes, Indeed, I totally understand you about how you know when the infection kicks off--if only the docs would hear us out. Stay strong if you can; I'm thinking about you from the hills of northern California and the redwood trees.