Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Well, the builders laid down their paint brushes yesterday, got their brooms busy and packed up and left.  We still have the scaffolding up, but that will hopefully soon be dismantled.  The house is looking gorgeous - a soft custardy yellow limewash and Heritage grey-green paintwork.  We miss our bright cheerful seasidey blue, which brightened the house up on a grey winter's day, but have to admit it's not to everyone's taste.

Now we are busy cleaning windows inside and out, and redecorating the sitting room, main bathroom, and sundry other bits which were looking tatty.  There is an amazing amount of tidying up to be done too, but we will get there.

Meanwhile my health suffered yet another set-back last week, when the pollen went into overdrive (mainly Dock in the paddock I suspect, along with the usual grassy suspects).  An afternoon spent painting the bay windows in undercoat had me feeling like I was suffocating, and I had to take extra anti-histamines to cope, and then it was back down the Doc's and back on another short course of steroids.  Even those didn't fully work, so I have had to see the Respiratory nurse again and now have a temporary add-on steroid inhaler and a change of anti-histamines (which I hope will do the trick).  First course of those this morning and my breathing feels good, so fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, cheered up by the fact that the end was in sight with the builders, I spent yesterday wielding a paintbrush and a vacuum cleaner in the sitting room.  Unfortunately, the paint we had mixed appears to have been mixed a shade lighter than we wanted, but it's too late to do anything about it now, so it's just being sloshed on anyway, although my OH is not amused, his nose already being out of joint because of the change from blue to green on the outside paintwork.  I hardly dare say I am planning to remove 4 slightly shabby old pictures from the hall wall, so I will have to be very tactful about those (having been turned down when I suggested this before . . . sometimes LESS is . . . MORE).

I have also set up a dedicated sewing room in the attic, in the room which is now a sort of spare bedroom (in that it has a bed in it . . .) but used to be the play/sleepover room, and is nice and roomy and light from two velux windows.  I have moved all my books up there too and look forward to being able to settle down and work in peace soon.

I desperately want to get out into the garden, but have to hold fire until the pollen subsides as there is no point in laying myself up again because of it.  A shame my OH isn't a gardener . . .


  1. I find I develop an immunity to anti-histamines within about three months, so swap over to 'the other one' during the season. It's been pretty good for me this year because of everything being so late. Do you find if you take the pill before bed, you wake up feeling like you've been hit by a bus? I take it in the day sometime which seems to help!

    Take it easy if you can but I know what it's like looking out on a weed that needs dealing with....very difficult to ignore. Hope you feel better very soon. x

  2. I love the colour of that wall in the picture BB and how well the flowers look against it.
    Sorry about the pollen - it is everywhere at the moment and very frustrating.

  3. I love the colour of the wall and the flowers are beautiful. I'm sorry to hear about your health over the past few days. Hope you feel well again soon.

  4. I'm so glad you like the colour of the wall, Weaver and Wendy. I was looking at it today and thinking, should I tone it down because apparently buyers want "neutral"? Well, I DON'T!!! In the middle of winter, they would be glad of a bit of colour : ) I've started on my new meds today - fingers crossed . . .

    Em -they look like blardy Triffids out there! I agree, an anti-histamine at bedtime makes you feel groggy next day (dizzy sometimes). I have to take my Loperimide first thing in the morning. Just one a day. I have made a mental note about taking anti-histamines too long before peak season and may try a different one for the first few weeks next spring,just to alert my system and then change to the main one. Thanks for the tip.

  5. Lovely paint colour! I had that warm yellow in my last but one lounge and it always felt welcoming and warm.
    I'm so pleased you have a dedicated play room now, I'd love you to show us when it's all ready to move into.

  6. Thanks Kath. It won't have a view like yours and I'd have to stand on a chair to look out of the velux windows, but I have room up there. I have circled the lot number of the perfect storage cupboard for my books and material stash, at an auction tomorrow. If it goes at the right price . . .

    Photos in due course - especially once I am making something again!

  7. Glad to read that you are getting to the end of the decorating. I hope that health is more stable once the pollen subsides. Jx