Sunday, 16 June 2013

Testing, testing . . .

Isn't this gorgeous?  It already has a new home, but it is SO vintage and retro - pure 1970s  - I knew it wouldn't hang around long . . .

A quick close-up of the pattern.

Note the sogginess of Little Whale, on the left.  He reckons the best way to dry out is to use your brother as a towel . . . and snuggle up close!



  1. Hmmm - I was THERE!!! Getting married in fact, first time round . . . We had brown, cream and a touch of orange in our lounge . . .

  2. I can remember in the 70's there was a plastic template thing advertised on TV, which you used to make similar flowers with yarn. I bet my Mum still has one up in her attic!