Saturday, 29 June 2013

Google are messing about . . .

There's an old saying, if it ain't broke, don't fix it . . .  Google would do well to remember this.  As from tomorrow, I believe that the side bar with all my favourite blog links, and yours with THIS blog on it, are being decommissioned by Google.  I have saved all my favourites (and some more besides) on my hard drive here, and there is also Bloglovin' which will set up an email feed of your favourites too.

I should hate to lose any of my loyal followers and don't intend not to be able to follow my favourite blogs, so I've done a belt and braces.

There is probably a lot more to this, but this is the gist I have got over the past week, visiting other folks' blogs.


  1. I'm still confused. I read somewhere yesterday that the reading list on our blogger dash board page will not go. To be sure, I joined up with Bloglovin, but I miss the regular blog updates, instead, having to wait for the Bloglovin daily digest in the evening.

  2. I have saved my blog list now (!) Can you tell me where you got this information? I lost my Followers months ago.....

  3. Oh golly - I hope this is not true. I have no idea how to save my blog list - or put it onto a hard drive (whatever that is), so if they go I shall have to rely on people answering my blog in order to contact the.

  4. I moved all my google reader feeds into feedly and hopefully I will still get your blog there. The transfer was easy.

  5. As far as I know it is Google Reader * where you can read updates) which is going, not Google Friend Direct (which is the widgit you "follow" blogs with)

    But I have signed up to bloglovin just in case.

    You shouldstill be able to read the updates for from the blogs of your followers in the Blagger dashboard as well.

    I hope...(!)

  6. Despite being a reasonably technically minded person, I am absolutely clueless here. Will they just disappear? So much traffic comes via them....oh dear!


  7. Google has not (yet?) announced that they are retiring Google Friend Connect for Blogger users - so don't worry that GFC will disappear on July 1st.

    It was Google Reader that Google announced would be retired in July.

    Google Reader and your Blogger Reading List are two separate things. When you click to "join this site" or follow a blog via GFC it automatically adds that blog to your Blogger Reading List and Google Reader.

    All that will happen today is that, if you used it, Reader has gone. Every thing else (for Blogger users) stays the same.

    And I can see all of your followed blogs, and all of your followers, as normal.