Sunday, 30 June 2013

Still here . . .

Well, it would appear no side bar changes, so I am confused. It would appear I have the wrong end of the stick and it's my followers who have disappeared (and everyone else's).   This is what comes of not having enough sleep . . .  HERE is someone else mentioning it (and a nice blog too).  And HERE - check those cakes out too, although I realize I am shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted . . .

Anyway, after yesterday's miserable grey day (and foggy start), we have woken up to bright sunshine today. I need to crack on with finishing the outside painting on the porch and the stable door into the Back Place, then it's up to the attic again.

Anyway, yesterday afternoon we had a huge sort out in the Junk Room and the enormously heavy solid elm grain bin has been manhandled by my menfolk out to the barn, whilst my husband decides whether to sell it or to turn it into a coffer . . . probably the latter as who wants a grain bin?  My bookcase has taken its place against the chimney wall, and we have restacked the car boot stuff so we can reach it easily.

Meanwhile, Mr Fox has been doing his rounds.  He is as bold as brass and doesn't seem too bothered by me being out in the garden when he is.


  1. How lovely he looks! Of course we don't have foxes in New Zealand so know nothing about the damage they do - do they also spread diseases?

    We have stoats and weasels, and rats etc who all do huge damage to our native birds (introduced, so our own fault). Because the country was virtually predator-free for millennia the kiwi is flightless, and nests on burrows which are fair game... darn.

    I do love reading of your life. Thank you for your lovely photos too.

  2. Annoying losing Followers isn't it?
    That fox is amazing We had a similarly tame one, he may well have been released into the wild from a city
    by a hunt, it has happened where I live.


  3. It was Google Reader that Google announced would be retired in July.

    Google Reader and your Blogger Reading List are two separate things. When you click to "join this site" or follow a blog via Google Friend Connect it automatically adds that blog to your Blogger Reading List and Google Reader.

    As far as I know, all that will happen today is that, if you used it, Reader has gone. Every thing else (for Blogger users) stays the same.

    And I can see all of your followed blogs, and all of your followers, as normal. And all of mine are still on mine :-)

  4. Thanks CW - I am particularly gormless today after several early mornings (brain still in bed I think!) Glad there's no real change, and I am finding benefits of the Bloglovin' emails to keep up with friends' blogs.

    Cait - this one is a local one as far as I'm aware. He is just as bold as brass because he is after grub and our bread thrown out for the birds counts as food for him!

    Virginia - The main thing that foxes seem to get (which is communicable) is mange. My friend in the New Forest says the foxes she used to see regularly on her lawn all became mangey, and subsequently died. This one looks very slender, but reasonably healthy. Glad you enjoy my blog.

  5. I switched seamlessly from Google Reader to Feedly, another RSS feed, and received your latest blog perfectly. I love your posts, and look forward to many more. Lovely..

  6. Lucky you having Mr Fox dropping in - wish he would call here.

  7. reader - feedly? Another one then. Glad you have kept up with me in your "travels"! I will try and be a bit more creative with my blogging once the dust has settled over having the builders in.

    Weaver - funnily enough, when we had poultry, we never saw a fox. Polecats in broad daylight, but no foxes . . .

    1. Feedly has been very pro-active since Google Reader's announcement months ago that they would be closing down, which is why I switched all my feeds to them. Feedly has received millions of new followers migrating to them from Google Reader, due to excellent reviews. And they're now in the "cloud". Hope the dust settles soon :-)

  8. Mr Fox is delightful. Tell him to avoid round here where there is a hunting obsession!