Monday, 9 June 2014

Rhossili Bay walk - the photos

Me in the distance with Worm's Head behind me.  I fear this post is going to have a lot more photos than words, because I am half way through Dan Brown's "Inferno" (set in Florence!) and I can't put it down, and am in Florence inside my head, so photos it will have to be . . .

Turning the corner - the route ahead.  We went along the cliff top, although there is a lower route along the grassy strip you can see between the two rocky areas.

Scarlet Pimpernel looking orange in the bright sunlight.

There were two of these little man-made rock pillars overlooking the sea.

The closest ID I can get to this is a Sea Stork's-bill, and this is the first I have ever seen (well, given a positive ID to).

Easier to identify - Meadow Cranesbill I think, although the leaves are a little different to Marjory Blamey's illustration . . .  Could be Hedgerow Cranesbill, though it was growing on the seaside equivalent of an alpine meadow!

Looking over our shoulders.

The rocky approach to Mewslade Bay.

We stayed here ages and didn't want to leave.

Spectacular scenery all around us.  It was lovely.

One of the footpath links which took us back to the car park.

I shall be back, as I've told my husband we are going to do the walk together, and take a picnic.  


  1. How beautiful BB. Sparkling sea, sunshine and wild flowers......You will have to go back again on another fine day!

    I love the shady green pathway at the end of your walk.

  2. I can't wait DW - it was so lovely there. I shall do a better reccy of the wild flowers too, and see if I can find any more unusual ones.

  3. Photos are good! What a beautiful place, especially in the sunlight. I do miss the sea....

  4. What a beautiful place and lovely to see you, if from afar. I can't ID that Cranesbill either but the Sea Stork's Bill also looks a bit like French Cranesbill which I've only ever seen a couple of times. Lovely to see you out walking after so much ill health last year. xx

  5. Love these pics Jennie, such a beautiful day x

  6. Love these pics Jennie, such a beautiful day x

  7. We were there last week and the flowers are spectacular although I am somewhat frustrated by my inability to identify them all. We did see loads of valerian, bird's-foot trefoil, campion, cotton-grass, marguerite and others.

  8. Great photos - what a really beautiful walk and stunning scenery. It so makes me want to visit the sea :)