Wednesday, 25 June 2014

A quick nip round Hay-on-Wye again

Whilst our food was being cooked in the Sandwich Cellar in Backfold, I took the camera back a few paces and photographed the nearby shops.  Here is one selling some nice collectables.

This is the flower shop next door, which always has a beautiful selection of cut flowers and things in pots.

A gorgeous selection of sock yarn is always on offer and I usually get tempted.  I have a stash now . . .

Of course, they have other tempting things too - nice stout shopping bags, a lacy green top and the star of the show for me, this turkey on what my late m-in-law would have called a "clippy rug".  Those generally had more random patterns, or were worked with whatever came to hand.  I still want to learn to do this, perhaps this winter I may?

The view from where we were sat (outside as it was sunny).  There is a dark grey cat who lives here, and I am pretty sure this little cottage was the main scene of action in the latest Phil Rickman novel, which was set in Hay.  (The Magus of Hay.  Perhaps PR knows differently though!)

A colourful corner in Hay with all sorts for sale.  For some reason, I didn't think to go in there, but might do next time.

It was market day in Hay, and there were some tempting plants on offer.  This lady has her stall down by the Clock Tower.  The stall you can see in the background was selling bread.

A last glimpse through the yard of the ironmongers.

Pen-y-Fan seen from the wrong lay-by (the next one had a convenient gateway and better views without a hedge in the way!)

Looking Westwards, beyond Brecon.

A last glimpse, with clouds billowing up behind Pen-y-Fan.

Another project, which cost me £2 in the Charity shop.  Something to while away the winter evenings.

It seems a shame to leave it unfinished, when this lady had started so well with it.

I bought just one book this time, and it was about Herefordshire villages, written and photographed by members of various branches of Herefordshire WI.


  1. Oh, I do love Hay and haven't been in ages- so lovely to see and enjoy your pictures. I rather liked your shot of Pen Y Fan, very atmospheric. I once got lost up there in a very sudden fog and heavy cold rain- it was most alarming, to the point it taught me a very big and still well-remembered lesson about respecting hills and mountains! Thanks ever so for posting these pics- I have come over all nostalgic :-)

  2. Love that one of the clouds billowing up. Do you not have an editing program where you can crop photos? I quite like the hedge though....x

  3. Em - probably. Too busy to faff around right now though, and next time I shall remember it's the SECOND lay by!

    CT - ah yes, I had a similar experience on Dartmoor, on a bit of it I didn't know AT ALL, and my partner had forgotten the compass.

  4. Hay looks a wonderful town to wander. Full of colour and vintage treasures as well as the books.

    The billowing cloud looks quite spectacular.

    Enjoy finishing your rescued table cloth. Mrs Thomas`s crinoline ladies are back on the kitchen table again :-)

  5. Adore the flower shop and the yarn photos.
    Plus the header photo, outstanding.

    cheers, parsnip

  6. There are three skeins of yarn that you would be able to see coming home in my basket--the blues and the violet. You're having a delicious season-keep the lovely photos coming. I'm vicariously summering thru you all.

  7. Lovely photos as always. I love colourfully painted shops, like those in Glaston and Totnes. You remind me that I would like a day out in Hay sometime soon.
    Fabulous views of the mountains- or are they hills?

  8. I love Hay and go there quite often. I enjoyed The Magus too and often speculate on locations,

  9. My second attempt at posting a comment--lost internet connection for about 2 hours.
    I merely wanted to register appreciation for the flower shop and the stalls of the market. I am sure I would come home from such an outing with too many 'things in pots.'

  10. Lovely colourful pictures of Hay must get there one day, though summer seems to be the time.

  11. No wonder you like visiting Hay so much, it's beautiful especially with the hills in the background. Your pictures always make me homesick for Wales :D

  12. Your post brought back more wonderful memories of Hay :) Love the photo of the clouds appearing behind Pen-y-Fan - so atmospheric.

    I've just started my fourth Phil Rickman book - so very interesting to see one of the possible locations to appear in one of the later books. I think on his website you can buy a book he has written about locations in the series - another one on my wish list!!! :)