Wednesday, 25 November 2015

A river walk again

The Lucozade-look has faded from the Larch trees across the valley now they have dropped many of their needles.

Above and below.  The river is running at speed again, but levels much lower than the recent spate.  I had a little walk along there on Sunday, camera in hand.  It was good to get out.

As it's winter, neighbour Gary has been enterprising and taken on some vanner mares to take the grass off Annie's overgrown fields.  I think they are some oblong to a local chap who has a lorry with "Bobby's Blagdons" on the side.  This cob has typical blagdon markings (white on legs and splashes on body) and there are some red blagdon mares here too.  These colourings are desirable in gypsy cobs.

These mares were hoping I was going to give them some treats!

This light-coloured colt-foal had a smudge of cream coat around his eyes so should end up that colour unless it was a trick of the light.  There are two white-grey mares in the field (one is mum) so perhaps he will just stay white-grey.

Above and below - it's amazing what a difference a bit of sunlight makes to the river valley.

Within living memory, this well outlet was the only source of water for a cottage above it.  It was derelict when we arrived in 1988, but I think was lived in until the 1970s.  It is hard to imagine no running water in a house.

Waiting for me when I got home was my Kitchen Robin,   His look told me he was hungry!


  1. BB - what delightful photographs. Love your kitchen robin, love those rainbow colours reflecting through the trees and absolutely adore those horses.

  2. Good on all counts then Pat! I was amazed by capturing the prism effect of the sun through the trees. A bit of magic. These horses are quite a nice bunch. I will get photos of the red blagdon mares next time, plus Tiny Tim's mum and there's also a spotted red blagdon mare, who is probably their pride and joy.

  3. Blagdon is a colouring I've never heard of and I've never seen one in the flesh. I did a quick search and saw a black blagdon colt descibed also as "black roan", roan is what I would have called them. I can see it is a real term in use; is it a recent word or is it a Romany word that has come into the general horse world since I worked with horses last? (30-odd years ago).

  4. How interesting about the cobs. When I lived in Bucks, there was a dealer of welsh cobs and ponies, called Eddie Price. His cobs very instantly recognisable, as they had white faces, white legs and often white bellies as well. My friend bought a strawberry roan, who turned pink at certain times of the year.

  5. Great shots, and the rainbow lens flare is awesome!