Sunday, 1 November 2015

Newport beach photos

No real need for words, just enjoy, as we did.

The far end of the beach, with Newport across the estuary.

Left of the last photo, with Carn Ingli in the background.  When I had finished my degree, a group of the girls I was at Uni with (studying Archaeology), stayed nearby at Brithdir Mawr and climbed up Carn Ingli with a bottle of champers and some home-baked goodies.  Magic.

Looking back down the estuary towards the road bridge.  Hidden on the left are old lime kilns.

I got my OH to stop on the bridge across the estuary.  You can see the position of Carn Ingli here. There is a hillfort on the top, with the remains of hut circles too.    A very apt place for us to celebrate our Archaeology degrees!

Lots of photos of the estuary by the bridge.  This area was very important in prehistory and we found Mesolithic arrowheads here, caught up in the tussocks of reeds in the river (see the photo 2 down, looking towards the sea).  As you can imagine, an important estuary for wildlife at various times of the year, especially geese and other edible birds.  Plus fish, shellfish, and other marine foods, and deer in this (at the time heavily-wooded) area.

Out of sight on the left bank of the estuary, in the photo above, and now surrounded by bungalows!, is Carreg Coitan Arthur, a Neolithic burial chamber which would have been the first thing anyone fording the river here in those times would have seen.  It was a place of the ancestors, and clearly said "this is OUR land."

Finally, back to the auction, where I noticed some colour-co-ordinated parking . . .


  1. I love that beach and the estuary. Have spent many happy hours down there years ago- and also picnicked on Carn Ingli.

  2. Beautiful Photos !
    Not sure if I mentioned your heading photo is wonderful.
    I miss living by the ocean.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Lovely photos, it was a great week end for seaside visits :-)

  4. Thank you all. Simon - I took dozens of photos of the waves, trying to capture that moment of breaking and the spume above them. parsnip - very atmospheric, it just HAD to be a header photo. Dawn - we're off to Pembrey this morning if the fog clears to reveal a repeat of yesterday's record temps. Pat - glad to have brought back happy memories for you.

  5. Beautiful atmospheric photos - a lovely post again :) Would so love to live nearer to the sea especially at this time of the year when is so much quieter there.

  6. Stunning photo's, you have to love living close to the sea.

  7. Marlene - this was a bit of a trek as it's on the West coast - probably 45 miles away.

    R. Robin - glad you liked them. Happy memories for us.

  8. I also enjoyed time by the sea this weekend - took my grandchildren to Looe in Cornwall (about half an hour's drive from my home). It was such a beautiful day with blue skies, wall to wall sunshine and hot, hot, hot! We collected pretty shells and went rock-pooling, thoroughly enjoying our time on the beach. A summer day in November.

  9. Sometimes I miss Wales really badly, Coetan Arthur I have visited several times. Beautiful photos of the sea and you have captured the force of it.

  10. Thelma - I will miss it when we leave too, but hopefully we will be coming back often.

    Rambler - I know Looe - my husband has family down there. It is so good to have a day borrowed from summer, and the beach it HAS to be!