Saturday, 14 November 2015

The Brecon Beacons

Yesterday (Friday) we went to the auction at Brecon, and as my right hip was playing up, I took myself up the lane behind the auction house to try and loosen things up.  Here are a few not very good photos of the Brecon Beacons.  We are SO blessed to live near to such an outstandingly beautiful area.

That's the flat top of Pen-y-Fan in the distance.

Auctions can be strange places.  I always find it rather sad to see the sum of peoples' entire lives stuck in one room, as boxes of "odds", individual desirable (or not) pieces of china, pieces of furniture - often shabby - military medals of people long forgotten and strangers to those who buy them, things which were treasured by their owners, who might have had very little of real value but everything now reduced to a common denominator - all for sale.  Some auctions, of course, have very desirable belongings, but the ones we go to are often just "house clearance" and are the items no longer needed or wanted by the remaining family (where there is one).  The one "good" thing in the sale is the one EVERYONE wants.  A strange old world this.  In the light of yesterday's happenings in Paris, a very sad and desperate world to inhabit.

Winter wheat in this field by the look of things.  Very green and lush.

A slightly different angle.

Looking northwards now.  The auction was too the right, foreground, out of shot.

Taken to the right of the previous photo, a bracken-clad hill.  Sheep-farming country this.

The lane back down to the auction with, in the distance, Hay Bluff.

The continuing (until yesterday!) mild weather has encouraged this Purple vetch to flower again.  It gladdened my heart to see it.

Finally, today I happened across several packets of Elephant Garlic (which I had been looking for), reduced to half price in town.  I bought three and will get them planted tomorrow, along with my home-grown garlic and some French red garlic.  That should be me and my girls sorted for next year then. . .


  1. I especially like your photo of the green winter wheat with the tree. Yes, heart breaking and outrageous acts in Paris, probably by Muslim extremists.

  2. The weather looks good in Wales, very calming photos after all the terrible things that have happened in Paris.

  3. Lovely photo's, the beacons look lovely on a fine day, we climbed Pen-y-fan a few years ago, raising money for Welsh Guards (hubby is ex), the day was heavy rain and wind, not a pleasant trip and the top was covered in mist so no views. We have a house clearance shop locally, it a sad place with interesting items. Since I have been sorting and clearing clutter, we hopefully won't have so much 'junk to everyone else' stuff.