Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Crochet - here lies madness

I bought myself a new crochet book the other day from The Works.  There were some lovely projects in it BUT now I am trying to do them, they are truly not the easiest of patterns. I bought some gorgeous sock yarn but I have abandoned the socks I was trying to do as the "destructions" floored me when I got to the heel and going up into the ankle.  This after about 6 goes just getting that far!

I then blew caution to the wind and spend more money on some more yarn to make a scarf instead, which has "htrb".  That's half treble in back bar.  I think she's made it up as I can't find anything like it on Youtube or crochet sites.

I am sorely tempted to ditch the book and just start on something even crochet dummies like me can do . . .

Edited to say Dawn came to the rescue (and you were ALL so helpful and supportive and I haven't burned the book!) and I am now romping along with it.  One SLIGHT problem - my efforts don't at ALL resemble the photo in the book, but do I care?!

I've just found THIS:    Now this actually EXPLAINS what is happening and where, and I could do these socks.


  1. I have some really easy crochet sock pattern books I will show you when we meet next, in the back bar is when you look from top down onto your crochet stitch its a loop of two bars the term back bar is usually you are working into the loop bar at the back of the work instead of through both, dont know if that makes any sense try this link

  2. I am no good at knitting and crochet, its just not my thing.

    I really love The Works, so many good bargains.

  3. Love stitching and knitting, but crochet all I can do is granny squares which become boring.

  4. I love to crochet and knit but it has to be easy to do. Good luck in your endeavour. X

  5. Dawn - bless you, that's what I thought to start with then I thought it must be something else - which truly DID look wrong! Off to check it and would love to borrow a sock book. (Tutorial on dpns knitting wouldn't go astray either as I have forgotten (4 years since I taught myself and forgot in the interim.)

    SL - I can do the simple patterns. Think I've overfaced myself with the crochet socks, and even this had me scratching my head!

    Marlene - granny squares in different colours are nice though. Do you go to Attic 24? Oooh, that's my colour therapy for the grey days of winter and the dreamers therapy for the rest of the year!

    Jules - thanks - good luck needed!!

  6. Dawn - if she'd said LOOP and not BAR I would have understood. Doh! I'd reverted to trebles instead but haven't gone far . . .

  7. I looked at that book but the hat put me off.

  8. I bought a book 'One hundred crochet patterns' in my crochet days - there were at least 99 that totally puzzled me!!

  9. Hi BB

    If its an English book there should not be a problem. However the American terms are slightly different and result in different stitches and also different hook sizes. There are some good sites on You Tube and tutorials on there as well. There is a very good crochet blog called The Patchwork Heart - mostly blankets and throws but all easily achievable. Try Pinterest for tutorial links too. When I work a new stitch or combination of stitches I always keep my basic stitch book with me. I tend to work better from a pattern than destructions. Please do not give up. Put it down and leave it alone for a while then go back to it and have another bash. I have every faith you will get there.

    The Works is good for craft and cookery books.

    Take care



  10. I bought Crochet for is beyond me. I have crocheted several afghans, all the same stitch that a friend taught me. Totally hopeless.
    Want to kit socks but keep dropping the do day!
    My rescue horse is at a trainers and is graduating from an individual paddock to going out in the huge field with the other mares. I feel like a new mother!(but more expensive ...)

  11. Pam - I have to say I agree with you about that hat!

    Pat - that DID make me grin!!

    Pattypan - I always like to have a look in the Works, especially in the cookery section. This lady is an American, now living in Scotland, but I assume her "destructions" are British ones now. She did say the sock pattern was "intermediate" experience, but assumes a lot and does not really explain things at all well. I hadn't thought of Pinterest for tutorial links. I must go in search of my very good and thorough crochet book with all the stitches in - I fear it is "put down" in the Junk Room and something put on top of it as not where it should be on the shelf. Thank you for your faith in me - I will carry on with the (too small) sock now deemed a practice and get the heel/front of foot done and then do it in the proper size, properly!

    lynda - That made me grin too. Glad I didn't invest in that! The air was blue when I was trying to sort out the waste wool cast on for some toe-up socks the other day. Fine wool on tiny dpns too.

    Glad that your rescue horse is doing well at the trainers, despite the expense!