Thursday, 5 November 2015

A walk to clear my head

Some days the fates combine against you and nothing seems to go right.  After a lovely morning with friends, I had an afternoon like that!  I was feeling very down in the dumps, so took myself off for a walk down along by the river, camera in hand.

Beech leaves holding a wonderful red-brown colour.

The river has been fiercer after this week's rain and was hurtling itself towards Ferryside and the sea.

Down by the mill it always looks fiercest.

The bracken was such pretty colours - palomino and American tan, fading to champagne in places.

Looking back up the river valley from my favourite spot.

That rock will soon be under water and if the forecasts of further rain for the next four days or so, then this mossy outcrop of rocks may well be joining it by early next week.

The last few Red Campions are still holding there own as it is still mild.  I think those look like Meadowsweet leaves around them.

Amazingly a Foxglove has bravely flowered once more, having been cut down when the verges were cut in September.

Another view of the river, looking upstream.

Beautiful colours here on this shrub in a neighbour's garden.

I'm glad to say the walk straightened out my thoughts and I had a game-plan of what to do about a couple of things on my worry-list.

The crochet is now coming together (although, truth be told, it's not how I'd have planned it pattern-wise as there is a gap with a join in every row.  Hey-ho . . .)


  1. BB, I think we all have days like that, when things tend to get on top of us and we just can't find a way through.
    Your idea of a country walk among those wonderful Autumn colours is probably the best cure of all. Hope that
    crochet goes well. Gwil, commenting on my post today, talks about my new cobweb header in such a way that really
    gets things in proportion. If you have time, read that too - it might help.

  2. I have enjoyed your walk, getting out every day with the dog I am enjoying the clothes of Autumn kicking my way through the leaves like a little kid, it gives me time to think and mull things over :-)

  3. Beautiful autumnal images and a lovely walk. When things get me down I too go out somewhere with my camera to clear my head and recharge batteries. Although its not so easy to get out on my own these days since my husband retired.

    Good Luck with the crochet. We've recently bought a sewing machine (neither of us have used one before!!) as the cheapest option to turn up new curtains! One pair done only 3 to go!

  4. What stunningly beautiful photos BB. Your home lanes and familiar scenery look so lovely in their autumn colours.
    I`m pleased the walk helped.x

  5. I know what you mean, it definately clears your mind, take care x

  6. Looks a gorgeous walk, and a help with worrying which does no good to anyone;). I have similar problems with my sewing and knitting as you do with your crochet, complicated patterns throw me so I end up by doing the simplest thing!

  7. What beautiful colours, I'm glad your walk helped to sort everything out

  8. I'm so glad I'm able to reply on blogs again now. I loved seeing the river in it's wild torrent, I hope it helped you to sort your thoughts. Big hugs to you dear