Friday 22 January 2016

A stroll round Blackwater Arboretum in the New Forest.

If you go to my friend's link, you will get an erudite commentary on our lovely walk around this little bit of the Arboretum.  Away from the massive Sequoias I remember seeming even more massive in my childhood, we were able to enjoy more modest plantings.  In the sunshine it was warm, but in the shade, brrrrrrrrrrrrr.

The blue skies were quite a novelty, as was the sunshine and frost underfoot.  It has been so wet and soggy in Wales we had quite forgotten what the sun looked like!  The planned plantings in the Arboretum gave us a chance to see the shape and perspective of trees better.  In the Forest Proper there is an undergrowth of holly and the trees which don't mind wet feet (willows and alder).

We chose not to go further along this gravel drive, as WD told me that it ended in a rather muddy area.

Sunlight between the rides lit up the golden and tan in the bracken.

In some areas it was mossy.  You can see this is fenced against the deer who roam on the Forest, and who would probably do damage to these lovely trees if they were able to get in.

Peaty water running close to the pathway.  Blackwater indeed.

The light lifted my spirits.  It was so good to be back in the Forest I still love so dearly.

More photos tomorrow of my friend's ponies and of Tricia's pony too.  I am sidelined today, having pulled a muscle in my back whilst hefting my rucksack on and off travelling back yesterday.  My head does not feel very clear either, which is why there is such a paucity of words on today's post.  My apologies.  Must Do Better!


  1. Lovely photos, that would have been my perfect day out.

  2. Next time we shall meet again and walk further. It is lovely there.

  3. What a beautiful day for your walk and just lovely photos.

  4. Wasn`t it a wonderful walk? Not too far in the cold, but so good to feel the sun on our faces for a while!

    Lovely to see your photos.

  5. It was the first sunny day I've enjoyed for months! Wales does do rain somewhat persistantly!

    DW - It was beautiful. I'm coming down again in March, so perhaps we could do another one.

  6. Wonderful redwoods mine have a long way to go they are only a foot tall I grew them from seed, :-)