Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Robins, raspberries and rivers

I haven't had a very good day today.  Worried for one of my daughters who is having a rough time of things emotionally right now.  So I didn't feel like doing anything.  WHAT a waste of a day.  I went for a walk, and first of all got hailed on, and then it came on to rain steadily and I got soaked and turned around just past the junction as there wasn't much point in continuing.

I still didn't find Robin no. 1, so traced another and have had a play with how he is meant to look.  I don't have any really sharp small scissors so his toes are very clumsy (he looks like a duck!) and I will trim the template up and give him skinnier ones.  At least I have the twelve white squares cut out and the twelve robins.

After I had spoken to my daughter this afternoon, we were both slightly more cheerful and I made a batch of Raspberry Muffins, using raspberries from the garden.  They are LUSH!

A few photos from the drier part of my walk.

A tree sweapt downstream and trapped on the rocks where the river narrows.

Detritis from the flood of a couple of weeks back.  The tyre is about 5 feet or so above the current river level and the wood is on the top of the bank, over 3 feet above the level of the lane there.

Down by the mill.

Let's hope tomorrow is a positive day.


  1. Robin is looking good, yes trim his feet a bit once all the stitching is done he will fine, muffins look really yummy, I got hailed on snowed on and rain on today :-)

  2. Here's to a more positive day tomorrow BB. We never stop worrying about our children do we?
    Those raspberry muffins look wonderful.

  3. The river still looks full and angry.
    The raspberry muffins look delicious. Now I`m hungry again....!

  4. I'm sorry to hear about your troubles. The muffins look delicious with home grown raspberries..ooh my favourite!

  5. Your muffins look divine I think I have some raspberries still in the freezer. Hope you are having a more positive day x