Tuesday 5 January 2016

Some winter wild flowers

This will be a sparsely-worded post as I am still struggling to overcome a flu-type cold I've had, with a stonking temjperature.  Just a few photos today from a short walk up the hill last week.    Firstly, Cow Parsley in full bloom.  There are clumps of young plants everywhere.


On the steep  rocky roadside, Shining Cranesbill (and some Navalwort) romp into growth.

Blackberry buds in January!  That's a first here.

The first wild Primrose of the season.

Nettle soup anyone?

By our gate, the Honeysuckle I planted has put out fresh growth.

Rambler rose ditto - this is a baby of the Paul's Himalayan Musk.

Sorry to be lightweight today, but I've had so little sleep and my body needs more than cornflakes and water, which is all I've had the past couple of days (oh, and apples too).  I have fancied nothing to eat that we have in the house . . .


  1. On my first walk this morning I saw pelargoniums in a window box with new flowers on and I have roses in my garden. The Penstemons have not stopped flowering and my spring bulbs are at the point of putting up flowers. It will be devastating if we get a hard frosty spell.

  2. Will be interesting to see how long this mild, unseasonal weather lasts. We have had wild primroses flowering in the garden for a few weeks now. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. I noticed a honeysuckle with new leaves this morning too.
    Hope you get back to full health soon

  4. Sorry you are poorly, I hope you start to improve soon. Daffodils out in flower in my front garden which faces north and a clematis is still flowering.

  5. Pam, quite often here it is March when we suddenly get a cold snap, just when you don't want it.

    R. Robin - not surprising about the Primroses.

    Sue - well, I've wrung out the mattress after last night's big sweat, so fingers crossed I may mend now.

    Suzie - mine just have buds on. I'm getting lots of reading done today (couldn't yesterday as my eyes wouldn't focus!)

  6. Lovely cheering photos on a very dismal day here BB. We have aconites inflower and a rose just outside the front door has more than a dozen roses on it. The farmer says that much of the wild honeysuckle in the hedges on the farm is in bud.

  7. Isn`t this a crazy winter?
    Lovely to see your wild flowers, even if they are out of season.
    Hope you soon feel much better.

  8. SW - feeling brighter today, though food still tastes funny. I had crisps today and they tasted SO SALTY! It warms my heart to see flowers in winter.

    Pat - I had some very late roses, but the constant rain has rotted them. I do, however, have a Clematis bud . . .

  9. Glad you are feeling brighter Jennie, love the wild flowers even if they are out of season.

  10. Glad you are feeling brighter Jennie, love the wild flowers even if they are out of season.

  11. I had that dreadful 'bug' over Christmas and only just beginning to come out of it. Still coughing and feeling 'claggy' but now able to read without my eyes stinging. I hope you soon feel very much better - and that we have some dry, even sunny, days soon. Please!