Thursday 14 January 2016

Keeping warm

I finally got the Robins all sorted and cut out and ironed onto their respective squares today, and I also managed to start cutting out the tiny squares for the 9 patch blocks.  I was distracted, however, because I started watching daytime tv - 4 in a Bed, which is rabbits in the headlight tv - you are trapped into seeing what happens next!  Anyway, it was a nice mindless session and I was abel to sit and trace robins and cut them out, although once again, I managed to lose that wretched Robin template THREE TIMES between ironing board and sofa (one is behind the other).

12 robin blocks.  I tried sewing one on my very basic machine but knew it was going to be a failure when the book asked me to put my darning foot in place.  My machine doesn't have one!  That got unpicked. . .  I will now ask my family for money towards a better sewing machine for my birthday this year. . .

They said it is going to get much colder.  Her is what "much colder" looked like in 2009/January 2010.  Temperatures in our valley went down to -17 (this registered in the vehicle belonging to the AI man who visits Next Door's cows . . .)  The river froze practically from bank to bank in January.  This was it in November 2009.

This is the little feeder stream which dives under the road through a culvert at the bottom of the hill.

This was January 2010.  Even colder I think, as we'd had a foot of snow on the ground.  The boulders had their own icicles on and there was only a very narrow channel of moving water down the river.  It was PERISHING.

Sunset tonight.  Rosy.

I rather liked this silhouette of the trees at the side of the yard.

Back tomorrow I hope.  Keep warm.


  1. I have a few spare sewing machines here if you want to borrow one and a darning foot, several of them, I assume it free motion sewing you are going to be doing, if it is you need to drop the feed dogs as well.
    Its been snowing up here on and off today and this evening has been almost continuous with a bit of thundering and lightning thrown in make an interesting combination,

  2. I zm forever dropping my templates, which then dissapear! I get round it by writing on them
    with a Sharpie LEAF or ROBIN, or you could simply stick a bit of masking tape or coloured electricians tape on the template, so it shows up against the floor.
    Looking forward to seeing this progress, it's very cute!

  3. I'm a bit obsessed with 4 in a bed lately!! I'm taping them everyday!

  4. Rachel - I'm glad it's not just me! Middle daughter would always watch this and Come Dine With Me when in residence here, so occasionally I do too.

    Kath - Again, I am glad it's not just me! I will put something sparkly on them in future. All my other templates were in white card, so obvious if dropped.

    Dawn - bless you - I'll take you up on your offer. Probably best if I just come and use yours in situ and then you can show me how and give me advice on what sewing machine to save up for/invest in. No snow here yet, but fierce halestones about 3 a.m. which are laying around waiting for the snow. We are off to auction so I hope it doesn't snow until we're back.

  5. BB, what absolutely gorgeous photographs. I REALLY need to remember to take my phone out with me when I go for walks.

  6. Love those photos from years ago. I can't even remember the last time we had more than a tiny bit of snow here. Heard about the village in Pembrokeshire with 85 days consecutive rainfall - goodness, hope it hasn't been quite that bad where you are

  7. A sunset sky seen between bare winter trees is such a beautiful sight.

    I`m surprised one of the cats doesn`t run off with the robin template. It wouldn`t last five minutes with our youngest cat around!