Tuesday 12 January 2016

All work and no play . . .

I've done the work, now I've managed to fit in a little bit of play.  Yesterday I worked flat out in the morning, vacuuming from top to bottom, dusting, washing the kitchen floor, evicting cluster flies - you know the routine.  In the afternoon I took myself up over the mynydd to Lampeter, where I visited Calico Kate's, the wonderful patchwork shop there.  The emphasis is on the fabrics, although it has one room dedicated to yarns/knitting/crochet and some haberdashery out front (along with yet more fabrics), and 13 rooms in total is enough to satisfy the most ardent fabricoholic.

I had decided, despite many unfinished projects, I would have a stab at the little Robin 9 patch wall hanging from the lovely book K bought me on Saturday.  I was short on reds generally, and definitely short on non-clashing and darker reds.  I wanted a theme, and found just what I wanted in the following materials, 4 fat quarters and 2 half metres.  I would have loved more, but at £14 a metre, I didn't dare:

The dark blue print is for the binding, and also the binding on the sides of the pre-printed Baltimore Bride hanging I got on Saturday.  This afternoon I blew the dust of my simple sewing machine and put the border on that and sewed the hanging tabs top and bottom.  Then I cut the batting to fit, and have pinned on the back.  I will slip stitch that in place at the top tomorrow, and then baste the backing and batting so I can start hand quilting it (in my spare time!)

As I was paying for my material, I noticed a little pre-cut pack of tiny 2 1/2" blocks (same size as the Robin quilt calls for), so I bought them and had a little play this afternoon - one corner not quite meeting, but it was just a practice run.

I also traced and cut out the Robin in acetate.  Then I put him down, OH swept in with an armful of bits which he deposited on the table, demanding help with finding the spare smoke alarm as he couldn't get the one down in the hall (beeping battery problem so needed a fresh battery).  Now I can't find the Robin.  I know what will happen, I will trace and cut him out all over again tomorrow and THEN I shall find the first one!

It was lovely having some me-time, and as it's still raining and I can't get outside to do the painting which needs doing, or any gardening (though I did plant some late bulbs today), I may as well get back into sewing mode.


  1. Looking forward to seeing your quilt come together, nice choice of fabric :-)

  2. What gorgeous material X ALL of it! I hunk I'd still be in that shop!

  3. I don't know if you know already, but Janet has a charming website, blog etc. You can sign up to her free newsletter and recieve free patterns - and of course, lots of inspiration.. :-)

  4. Those fabric designs are lovely. The reds are so warming somehow.
    Have fun!

  5. Love the fabric BB at least you got to play. It will look lovely and I am eager to see your results. Meanwhile back at the OK Ranch his highness has for the time being banned me from buying any wool - or so he thinks. Will have to see what falls out the cupboard. Am I naughty or what. I really do have to get organised better so that I can really play. At least now I have a desk and somewhere to work. This evening I have been typing a CV for OH so he has one should the occasion require it. So that's my good deed for the day. There is a fabric shop in Leicester called Kisco. It is a fabric warehouse and I think if you become a member of the embroiderers guild you can attend the warehouse if you are in this area but I think you can still get a few offers online. Pam will know. Its just a thought as it as an awful lot cheaper than £14 a metre.

    Look after yourself and I look forward to the reveal.



  6. Love the colours, I need practice for my quilting, trying to do stars yesterday and would the points meet ;(. Sounds a fantastic shop, our nearest patchwork shop is 20 odd miles away at Thirsk.

  7. Love the colours, I need practice for my quilting, trying to do stars yesterday and would the points meet ;(. Sounds a fantastic shop, our nearest patchwork shop is 20 odd miles away at Thirsk.

  8. Looking forward to seeing it finished, I ordered the book the other day after you posted about it. Fingers crossed it arrives today x

  9. What a fab collection of fabric! I went to Calico Kate's and as a bit of a novice at sewing I was overwhelmed. However I did get my own little fabric stash out the other day as I was worried it was getting dusty in the cellar room where it has been since we moved in! It was all in boxes etc but most is in an old suitcase, the inside lid of which I had fun covering in fabric scraps. (Will maybe post a picture as I think it is on my old blog.)

  10. Glad you all like the fabrics. I was planning to do more this afternoon, and have at lest traced and cut out Robin no. 2, but T is very upset about the likely end of her relationship so I have that in the forefront of my mind right now and don't feel like doing anything.

    Louise - it IS a bit overwhelming isn't it? At least I knew what colours I wanted this time. Jo - I hope your book arrives today and that you want to make lots from it too. Thelma - points are the devil aren't they? This patchwork shop is 20 miles away too, and the one at Newcastle Emlyn even further. Nearest is at X-Hands but not sure on the opening days of that. Pattypan - that big fabric warehouse sounds fabulous. I do sometimes go down to a similar but smaller place in Swansea, which is much cheaper, but the quality isn't as good. DW - I wanted something with warm colours too. Wanda - thanks for the link. Will check it out. Rachel - I had to get out before Ispent any more money! Dawn - me too, but today is definitely an "off day" as I just feel overwhelmed with T's emotions.

  11. BB, I'm sorry to hear about T's relationship; seemed so solid when you posted the pictures from their visit. Know I am holding a good thought for all involved and hoping for the best possible outcome.